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A Speleolabs Spin Off…

OK, fellow caving people – a bit more about how this site works.

This format has a big advantage. Firstly it acts like an ordinary website, e.g to the left you can permanently add links to pages of interest, such as what to wear, trip dates and where we visit and so on. You will need to contact me if these need changing.

Secondly, the clever bit that anyone can post to this site. You can leave comments, but also post directly if they are set up to do so. This involves me sending an an invite to someone wishing become an author (e.g. the committee. Within the e-mail there’s a link to the right page at Typepad, who host the site. They then register and can post directly to this page to their heart’s content. The upshot is that we don’t have to rely on one person updating a website, and the thing should run itself in effect. Most cunning.

You can therefore use it to post any random thoughts really quickly e.g ‘muddy tight thrusking with dribbling cornish duck pasties and ford transit fleecy flimmering madness due to carbide wellies and hilton park services speleopants’. See? Next week I shall be quoting from my new selection of underground rock poetry, ‘Slave to the Cave’.

The idea behind this form of website is an early spin off from other (still top secret) work coming out of the state of the art Speleolabs Research and Development (Online) Facility. On this delicate subject, some of you may have seen an e-mail from J which contained a link to something called the ‘Speleoblog’. Please be assured that anything you may or may not have seen having clicked on this link doesn’t technically exist yet in real marketing terms as it hasn’t been formally launched, so please ignore the wealth of fun things that may or may not be on there. But you may wish to watch that space, should you be interested in the future of apres-caving speleofashion.

Everything from this point downwards is a bit daft and has been placed there for testing purposes. I was going to remove it but will leave it up because it’s a) a good example of how the site works and b) a bit silly. Please feel free to add to the comments.

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