Reading University Caving Club

P-P-P-Pick up a surf board

Which way to Bude?

To the call centre, Bombay (see comments). Don’t have one at the moment. How about an antelope playing a small harmonica?

11 thoughts on “P-P-P-Pick up a surf board

  1. Speleolabs Call Centre, Bombay

    Please can we have a picture of a panda on a unicycle? Or a herd of gazelle on a hovercraft? It would bring much cheer to all the staff here as we gear up for the big day. Thanks. Vote Speleolabs!

  2. J

    Hello from the President! Top effort for sorting out this new fangled site – you know who you are.
    I’m sure we’re all looking forward to the Hidden Earth wkd (3-5 Oct @ Hanley Castle)
    I have booked 2 luxurious rooms in the ‘Residences des champs’ I’ll make sure the minibar is well stocked…
    See you all soon, J

  3. dave elliot

    Eh up,
    Have you heard about speleolabs? I hear that they provide a right cracking line of T shirts and speleoglamour wear. Right good for a big nite out in Horton in Ribblesdale or Dent. I hear that they are going to be letting the public buy their merchandise at Hidden Earth this year and are giving away free sweets and refreshments in connection with Brimblecombe Cider of Dunsford. As they say at Brimblecombes “If it doesn’t make you shudder as you drink, it’s crap”
    Bye for now
    The mullet god himself

  4. Andy Sparrow

    I too have heard that speleolabs t shirts are the hipest thing on mendip this year. Do yer self a favour and get one.
    Andy Sparrow
    (Note from Webmaster: I’m not 100% convinced that this post (or the one before) is from ‘The Sparrow’ himself, or whether it may be a cunning ruse from a speleolabs operative somewhere in the Exeter area, masquerading in digital disguise. Following this theme, it wouldn’t therefore surprise me that let’s say, ‘The Pope’ gets in touch next week to say how much he is enjoying his new fleecy underpants. Watch this space.

  5. Daniel Bedingfield

    I’m a speleolabs fan as well. I was wearing some of the speleolabs fleecy pants on a recent priddy green sink to swildons trip. At one point I thought I was stuck but I said to my self, “I gotta get through this, I gotta get through this, I gotta get, gotta get, gotta get through oooooo.” and I did!

  6. Speleolabs Legal Department

    It has come to our attention that an imposter has been posting to this site stating that numerous caving glitterati have been expressing their undying love for speleolabs products. We would wish to confirm that speleolabs does not (yet) have this celebrity endorsement, although it may only be a matter of time.

  7. Andy Sparrow

    The post can’t be from me because I can spell ‘hippest’. Of course it could be a miss-spelling of ‘hypest’- as in most hyped? If you want genuine endorsements I would suggest a few free samples. I could even wear your gear for my next Hidden Earth lecture (for a price).

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