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Hello, and welcome to rucavers, the online home of the Reading University Caving Club. This page is here to post the latest news and views from the club, and keep you up to date on what’s happening. If you are new, thinking of joining or simply wish to know more about the club and its activities please use the links to the left. These will give you some background to the club, introduce you to the committee, provide information on trips and set out the type of gear used in caving and potholing. Should you have any immediate questions or wish to know how to join us, please let me know. This page is set out in this format because it can be used as an easily updated noticeboard, and feel free to post comments. If you wish to be able to post directly to the site from the internet please let the webmaster know and we’ll provide permissions and instructions. We look forward to seeing you (in the dark).

J, President

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