Reading University Caving Club


This weekend we mostly:

-Did the sumps & ducks of Swildon’s Hole with veritable aplomb
-Got down and dirty with other clubs as part of the CHECC community
-Watched with intent as Tom played ‘the stretchy game’ with said community

Photos are available here

Also – Javan & Liz from Kent – thanks for the thanks, hope all is well. You handled the situation with much calmitude, glad we could help.

8 thoughts on “Mendips

  1. javan abass

    hi , i’m the girl from kent uni that went on the trip this weekend and hurt her leg. i left a little message for you guys on the kent caving site, just to basically thankyou you all for your help i can’t be sure of any names, but those of you who pushed and pulled me will know who you are. anyway thankyou very much. javan xxxx

  2. Kevin Rogers

    Hi all, I was in Swildons at the time and pushed and pulled a lot, thanks to Tom and Lisa for keeping their cool.
    Cerberus SS

  3. Liz Neves

    Hey guys, i was with Javan at the time she hurt her knee, thanks for your help Tom i dont remember the other guys name that was with you but a big thankyou for your help and for helping me keep calm!!!
    A big thankyou from all kent uni cavers!!

  4. Tom Foord

    Hello all! Sorry, I’m being a bit slow at replying to things lately.
    Its great to hear that everyone’s ok. We were all glad to be of assistance!
    Liz, the other guy’s name is John (usually known as Bangor John as he’s one of about 5 John’s in our club!)
    I’ve been looking for your website but can’t find it. What’s the address? We could put a link to it on here if you like.
    Hopefully see you all again soon!

  5. lizzy

    hello just want to say thanks for the link, the website is looking good i wish i could say the same for ours!! Javans knee is geting better and she has been doing SRT in the woods!! take care and thankz again!!!

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