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As Take That Once Sang…


News just in – Mr Tim Morgan, residenti di Roma and caver extraordinaire will be back for good in the UK at the beginning of April

3 thoughts on “As Take That Once Sang…

  1. Tim Morgan

    Since exclusive news of my immanent return to the UK leaked out on, the Italian goverment had to take drastic action at loosing their resident caving expertise and the Speleolabs Roma franchise. After several bureaucratic phone-call’s (involving Silvio Berlusconi main guys) I have unfortunately agreed to stay to smooth things over. Sorry all, but rest assured, I’m already oiling my petzl in ready to return !

  2. Speleolabs specialist millinery division

    Am I the only one that thinks that ‘oiling my petzl’ sounds a bit well, rude? Perhaps just me then. OK, moving on…

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