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Are you an ex member of RUCC? Still itching occasionally whip off those zip up tartan slippers and rush cavewards to moan about how its not like it used to be? Well this could be for you.

There is now a subset of the RUCC e-mail list running for the older more discerning caver. Yes, Reading Old Cavers Club (ROCC) now has its own e-mail list. This list generates regular digests of info and will be free from the volume of Reading-centric stuff that is needed by RUCC members. In addition to being a way of bringing together old alumni the plan is to designate certain RUCC trips as suitable for those with more brittle bones, and invite older members along. The next Yorkshire trip is one such trip. The idea is that some RUCC trips will also be ROCC trips which gives present members to drink from the fountain of caving wisdom of ROCC members, and ROCC members chance to relive their glory days. If anyone wants details on how to subscribe please e-mail me (present RUCC members need not join as they are on the RUCC list already).

Historical note for newer members: ROCC stands for ‘Reading Old Cavers Club’. A splinter group, ‘RECK’ (Reading Elderley Caver’s er, Klub) gained currency at the end of the 1980s but this group was never formally recognised by the the Club’s appropriate ruling body at the time, ‘UKULELE’ (United er, Kavers, Underground Leaders, Explorers and Light Expeditioneers). A further sub-splinter group ‘RUCK’ (Reading Underground Caving er, Klub) also subsequently failed due to the lack of an appropriate terms of reference. For posterity, these were due to be as follows:

1) Go caving.

2) Go drinking

3) Forget about point (1).

It was on this final point that members were too drunk to agree. Hence we are left with ROCC. Crazy times.

One thought on “RUCC, ROCC, RECK and RUCK. And UKULELE…

  1. J

    As ever, the committee remains slightly confused about which emails are entirely relevant – so to avoid someone leaving the RUCC list and missing info, the committee will continue to send club related email to [email protected] exclusively.
    Sorry for the recent confusion. I feel that this is the simplest way to proceed especially with a brand new committee about to take control – even I am not sure which emails are relevant to send to both lists, therefore they definitely won’t! ~ J
    PS I will make an effort to encourage people to use the front page of the website more frequently

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