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AGM – Sweeney Todd’s

Hello Cavers,

Our Annual General Meeting is on its way! You can voice your opinion on issues outstanding, ask us where the money went and why we book huts with no heating! It has been a tradition for some time that the AGM is held at Sweeney Todd’s Pie shop on Monday week 10 of the Spring term. That is Monday 15th March, I believe we will be meeting at Pavlov’s dog opposite the chequered church in town prior to Sweeney’s. JohnK will confirm and let you know times etc.

This is the most important club event of the year, as it is where the committee members for the next 3 terms will be elected – Please can we have an amazing turnout for the club. In order to keep the people at the pie shop happy (and stop them filling our pies with horrible things) we need to let them know numbers, please email John if you would like to go.

For the committee positions no previous experience is needed. There is a brief description of the positions on the website committee page. If you are considering going for a position please let me know There will be voting, possibly heated, if positions are highly contested – however Ron makes few appearances. See you there!

PS thanks to Steve Jackson for the pic

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