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Does anyone have any spare web space (or know where to get some)? Speleolabs Reading are moving and hence are about to lose their online account (from April 22nd). The upshot is that much of RUCavers and the Speleolabs site will cease to exist unless we can find a temporary new home (say, for a couple of months) for about 8.5 Mb of data. Any offers (and FTP details) gratefully received – please let me know.

2 thoughts on “Help!

  1. J

    ahhh! I will investigate, but do not hold out on me, being at Uni we can’t get usual external services, so I would have to see if there is anyone I know interested (unlikely)
    This seems to be turning into a badger frenzy!!!!

  2. Speleolabs Rodent Exploration Division

    J – no it isn’t. I was present at a proper badger frenzy once. Wasn’t pleasant.
    Anyway, I think all this accentuated badger emphasis is distracting us from our real interest – ferrets. To recall, see
    Latest on this project is that Exeter are busy trying to raise venture capital and Ant & Dec were almost signed up for a Hut TV special ‘I’m a Ferret Get Me Down There’. However, this has had to be put back as our plans to launch ‘Ferret TV’ were thrown into disarray as we were made aware of the existence of this site:
    We just don’t think there’s room in the marketplace right now for two ferret related channels. Although we may be wrong. Our thinking wellies are firmly back on.

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