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Springtime in Yorkshire (The Return)


Next trip is Yorkshire, 30 April – 3 May (Bank Holiday!) Contact Nikki for details/booking. I understand that we are staying at Bullpot Farm, which is in the middle of nowhere (and then in a bit more). Interestingly, Durham Uni have a virtual tour of Bullpot Farm on their site. (link at bottom left). Why, I don’t know but if you like looking at pictures of coalsheds and frying pans then this is the site for you. I am dead impressed. We should do one for Hilton Park Services on the M6.

One thought on “Springtime in Yorkshire (The Return)

  1. J

    UM, I have been brainstorming party themes, “Badgers and Beach Bums” or maybe “Ballerinas and Bankers” or “Millionaires and Martians”

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