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Tom Foord’s Guide to Modern Speleodance


As promised, a short (1Mb 30 second) instructional video starring Mr Tom Foord can be found here. It shows him demonstrating his soon-to-be-famous ‘jammer jammer jammer’ dance, falling over and then toppling out of a wheelchair. Top work. This is the first time I’ve worked with the medium of video, if it doesn’t work let me know.

On a separate note I managed to delete the entire photo archive today, hence is back up in streamlined and augmented form. Hence some new photos.

4 thoughts on “Tom Foord’s Guide to Modern Speleodance

  1. Tom Foord

    It has come to my attention that person’s unknown have been circulating copies of this film around the international caving scene.
    In recent weeks it has become commonplace for the sounds of ‘badger jammer cowstail’ to be heard resonating through the passages of Agen Allwedd, and as recently as last weekend the mysterious chant could be heard ehoing around the peaks of the Austrian Alps.
    Please would the person(s) responsible come forward, so that I can thank you for bringing me this speleo-fame. (and also so that I can pester you for royalties!)

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