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Hidden Earth 04

Bad news, I have photos. This was the Hidden Earth conference, held last week at Kendal. Note for new peeps: The whole UK caving community gather once a year to swap stories, headgear, experience, dance moves and for some, saliva. Involves lectures, shopping, drinking and the legendary ‘stomp’. Those present: Henry, Nikki, J, John K, Dr Methane, Lisa, Anna, Paul, Andy, Esther, Joel, Duncan. Next year = the considerably nearer Mendips. See you there. BTW if you haven’t signed up for a fresher’s trip please do so a.s.a.p – we are being overwhelmed with demand and it may be 1st come 1st served. Oh what it is to be popular.

On a separate note, Reading is about to have a comedy festival. I note that YSS Kitchen CD regular Mitch Benn is playing South Street next Wednesday. Anyone interested? (and we will need to be quick). Alternatively, Jeremy Hardy at the Town Hall on Wed 20th?

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  1. J

    Mitch Benn is good, but can get repetitive, I think he only knows a limited number of chords! Quality lyrics tho. Shame I’m not over there, otherwise I would def had been up for it.

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