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Numerous thingies:

1) There is a three legged pub crawl due next Tuesday. Details in the pub or from Oli. You do not have to bring an extra leg, one will apparently be provided. By Oli. Be afraid…
2) We need to be thinking about Christmas Party themes. Henry has suggested: Drag Queens & I can’t remember the last bit Henry? Previous themes are here. Pitcroft Avenue was mentioned….
3) Queens Head Pub Kwiz – pleased to announced that the team (this week me, Dave, Henry, Rick) came 19th from last (a.k.a. fourth). So in your face Mr Fully Fitted Kitchin! But thanks John for spending the night sorting out all the gear instead instead… Bar staff are on now alert for silly drinks now. This evening: Turbo Shandies.
4) Just to reiterate that this weekend we will again be running an experimental vodka workshop. Last year things that worked: Mars Bars, Skittles. Things that didn’t work: Dolly Mixtures, Cream Eggs. Get fermenting now and bring it with you. Use your imagination.

6 thoughts on “Social Events

  1. J

    What about Hawaiian Hookers & Handsome Handymen? Everyone gets “leid” right? 😉 I feel that involving badgers in the theme would excite certain people in the club a little too much for their own good.
    On that subject, I have got to get around to speleolab approving a certain badger road sign near my house 😉

  2. Speleolabs Party Planning Inc.

    Vikings & Villians?
    Romans & Rugby Players?
    Hats ‘n’ Haircuts?
    No wait, its coming…., yes:
    Bathmats & Babies. You either:
    -Come wrapped in your bathmat (preferably unwashed)
    -Dress as a baby
    -Bring a baby
    -Conceive one on the night.
    Still like the ‘inappropriate footwear’ theme by the way but not very alliterative.
    Newer members, choosing a Xmas party theme is a four week long interactive process… Trick is to take your chance to make everyone look stupid. Join us…..

  3. Kate

    Okay then, how about Banjo Players and Bond Girls, Fruit and Frenchmen, Neanderthals and the NHS …
    And Paul, there’s no one going to stop you coming as a baby in inappropriate footwear if you feel it would aid the looking stupid cause.

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