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New SRT Guide

FullkitNew in the resources section – RUCC’s guide to basic Single Rope Technique (SRT). This is an update to our previous guide, and is now presented in spangly new technicolour. If you are going to Yorkshire next term please read and memorise this guide, and sleep with it under your pillow. Thanks to J for the original on which it is based.

A direct link for download (1.8 mb .pdf file) is here.

5 thoughts on “New SRT Guide

  1. J

    If the J above refers to me, I can’t claim any resonsibility for the guide! It was already in the club folder when I inherited it. Thanks to JohnK for photocopying 50 odd last year – these should still be around, maybe in the tackle hut in the Red Library box… Love the colours

  2. Speleolabs Error Obliteration Department

    OK, we have held a detailed inquiry. It was Andy Rumming’s Guide. Apologies to him. And that’s him on the rope in the guide. And apparently you clasp the rebelay with your teeth when passing a deviation, rather than using a cows tail….

  3. J

    Paul, I can’t seem to open or save this pdf from my end. I have version 5.05 adobe acrobat and its not behaving – giving error msg “the file is corrupt and can not be opened”
    Anyway as you can probably tell, I might be showing people how not to fall off ropes in a cave.
    How many deviations have you passed with rebelays? Interesting 😉 Surely you can use the badger technique…

  4. Speleolabs Global Advice

    J – works this end…. Have reloaded it, try again. If not use a different link (resources or main page).

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