Reading University Caving Club

And finally…

Romania_1As some of you may know RUCC has a long history of undertaking underground expeditions in foreign parts. We have now consulted with the club’s caving elders before their memory goes into terminal decline, and are now able to post an outline and photos of all the expeditions over the years on this site. You can also use the expeditions button on the left.

It’s a true tale of heroism, sleep deprivation, mud, carbide, burst tyres and entertaining trousers. And interesting caves. If anyone wants to add, dispute or delete anything let me know. Thanks to Lisa in particular for archiving duties, even though entire years seem to have slipped her memory. Here’s to continuing this expedition tradition….

On a separate note, message from Ann-Marie: For this Friday’s beer festival we will be congregating in the Monks Retreat at 6.00 pm to talk tactics and formulate a festival game plan, before moving on at 7.00 ish. There may be diagrams involved.

Also – rumour indicates that this weekend in Yorkshire may be the first appearance of ‘Chez Paul’s – On Tour’, with a special mobile drinking unit set up to meet everyone’s special cocktail needs.

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