Reading University Caving Club

Perverted Filth. And Caving.

Head2Just found this on the internet. I’m shocked and appalled…

On a separate please note that the South Wales trip (17th-19th June) has been changed to 24th-26th June as it clashes with the summer ball. The next trip is Yorkshire 27th-30th May (Bank Holiday!) Let Charlotte know if you want to come on either of the trips. In the meantime, best of luck to anyone grappling with exams.

3 thoughts on “Perverted Filth. And Caving.

  1. J

    Ohh I see someone has too much time on their hands – getting into the whole website design thing? Good stuff!

  2. Paul

    Time on my hands? Nope, just excellent time management skills combined with with a laptop and an hour and a half on the train every day. Which I use to write incisive romantic poetry, study the dialectics of thought and take the piss out of John W.
    On a separate note John K, Henry & myself keep coming fourth in the Queens Head pub quiz. We have our eyes on a set of three racing spacehoppers and have money in the quiz bank already, but any clever help appreciated…..

  3. Henry D

    Would love the reasons to and not to cave on the back and Irish Hill Walker or How Can 1 in 30,000 People Be Wrong? on the front

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