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And Finally For This Year…


You may recall that for some time we have been running a ‘Great RUCC Junkyard Sale’, and we promised you a top nite out in a top Reading nitespot on the proceeds. This sale is now officially closed.  Proceeds from the sale (made up of sales of assorted rubbish, books and quiz winnings) have way exceeded all expectations and can be inspected using the online crapometer.

As proceeds are more than we thought we have now have a budget to blow. We have taken advice from our Secretary (over a drink) and we have been persuaded (over another drink) that a trip to Cadbury’s World may be in order, followed by a trip to a top Reading nitespot as planned.

We are suggesting that THURSDAY 30TH JUNE (not Wednesday 29th June as previously advertised) may be a good day to go. You?  We need to organise transport and so on and it will therefore be first come first served. Hence please let John K or me know or tell us in the pub next Monday. As this will likely be the end event of a very lively year attendance is of course compulsory.

Also – please remember that the next and final trip in Wales, weekend after next.  Please contact Charlotte or arrive at the pub to book.

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