Reading University Caving Club

South Wales June 2005

CharlotteThis weekend RUCC went to South Wales and

– did inappropriate things with Dudley’s shop dummy;
– found a new use for a teapot;
– and staged an important historical re-enactment.

They also did some caving. Photos are available here.

In other news we have finally decided on a design for new club hoodies! Yes, the ru cavers 2? front and 50 reasons back has received the executive nod. We will initially be printing up 10 (I repeat, 10) only so the first people to press cash into my hand (£20 ish) will be the first ones to sport the new designs and have the best chance of being  demonised by the Daily Mail.

Finally, please remember that there is a Sweeneys trip tomorrow (8.30p.m.) hence no pub as normal. And Thursday is free chocolate and beer day.  Deep joy.

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