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Updates and Assorted Excitement

BadgerchequeNEWS UP:

1) HIDDEN EARTH is on 23-25 September (the weekend after next). Numerous RUCC emissaries will be in attendance, not least me & John K, together with several wrinkly old past members such as Andy Rumming & Old Man Foord. Lifts will be available (cars, not alternatives to stairs), and its camping (tents, not mincing). This is your chance for a knees up and an eyes down on caving related stuff. Lots of other clubs will be there and Andy & I also promise to look stupid and behave strangely for the duration of the event.

2) T SHIRTS & HOODIES ARE AT THE PRINTERS! Only 12 of each are due initially, with a fair chunk already promised to beautiful people. If you are interested please let me/John K know.

3) As an extra incentive to use the forum we are running a fantastic competition! Following on from the gripping ‘Who’s Pants’ debate we present ‘Name That Word!’

How it works: The forum is set up to replace certain words with others automatically. Register, enter one of these words, notice the change, tell us what it is and you could win one of the following toptastic prizes:

– A limited edition Speleolabs Precision Hydration Receptacle!
– An electric bubble maker!
– Enough Fruity Pops to kill a small horse!

Your clue for this evening: What is the link between Sir Walter Raleigh & Boney M? If no one gets it more clues will inevitably be posted on the forum over time for the hard of understanding. Go Play!

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