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Can You Tell What It Is Yet?

J has just e-mailed round with his ‘Art Attack’ idea. As far as I can tell this apparently involves inscribing the word ‘thrusk’ 100 feet high on a Yorkshire hillside, using just wetsocks. He did this rudimentary mock up:


And he mentioned small black & white animals on ropes. So here’s another (arrestable) suggestion.

3 thoughts on “Can You Tell What It Is Yet?

  1. J

    *Replace yellow spraygun from MS Paint with wellies, wetsocks, oversuits and rope and you will have a good idea of what will be going on in the not too distant future in Yorkshire 😉

  2. widget

    Cannot believe you graffitied the Marton Arms like that – what’s more you’ve diminished andy’s sense of style with this whole bladder on a stick business!
    oh by the way – J .. i noticed you even took the trouble to crop off the ear to go behind the drainpipe to make it look even more realistic – GET A JOB MAN!

  3. RUCC Marketing

    What do you mean ‘more realistic?’ What makes you think its not? Of course its been painted over since… No idea what happened to the specially commissioned umbrella though.
    One point I’d like to clear up – when I said ‘using just wetsocks’ I meant that the word would be spelt out of wetsocks, and not that we would be carrying out the ‘art attack’ wearing just wetsocks. Apologies to anyone who got over excited at this prospect, and for any confusion caused.

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