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We’ve had a revolution and a new committee have taken over. Ok so I lied as we’ve just had the AGM and elected a new committee, well we forced them to do it, we have the photos. Andy tried to resist so we had to make an example of him.
The new committee are
President: Andy
Secretary: Helen
Treasurer: Jon M
Tackle Master: J
Social Sec: Ben
Webmaster: Patrick
Surveys and Access: Jo
Chief Lamo: Nikki
Freshers fayre co-ordinator: Anne-Marie
International relations: Amy
Inter-club relations: Charlotte
Inter-club relations (away correspondent): Max
Food sec: John K
Navigation: Jon W.

(Note for former users: the photo of Andy posted replaces a previous one of him wearing a sock, but not in the usual place. John K would like to apologise for any distress that this may have caused. Paul).

4 thoughts on “NEW COMITTEE!

  1. Chocolate

    Yes!!! Pretty much. Don’t feel left out though Caitlin we can think of a role for you! I’m sure we’re gunna attract loads of freshers next year with that on our home page!!!!

  2. Chocolate

    Right, I’m not happy. Webmaster new or old whichever of you it was. Why am I not on the committee page?? Is my committee role not important enough or something?!?!?

  3. JohnK

    Sorry choc it was me, i’m working on jeans and t-shirt committee page. I should have it doen befor next term when i give everthing to Patrick

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