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SRT Training Session


To access some of the deeper and more vertical caving systems, you will use a special system known as Single Rope Technique (SRT). These types of caves are particularly common in Yorkshire and Derbyshire, which are among the most popular caving regions with members. SRT will add a whole new dimension to caving, and opens up the possibility of plenty of further exploration.

The club will provide you with full SRT training to ensure you are completely comfortable before using it underground. The training takes place at the local climbing wall, and there is always a fun and relaxed atmosphere. People learn the techniques at different rates, however as a general rule we require everyone to have attended at least 3 training sessions before allowing them to enter any cave that involves SRT. If you plan to come to Yorkshire or Derbyshire with us, you should definitely attend!

To sign up for a training session, please meet us at the College Arms on the Monday evening before the session, or contact the president.


Reading Climbing Centre, meeting at the Athletics Pavilion / Club Tackle Store (see building 43 on this Map [PDF file]).


Wednesday evenings between 2nd November – 7th December (TBC).

What to bring:

  • Comfortable old clothing (e.g. tracksuit or running trousers)
  • ~ £6.50 to pay for entry to the climbing centre (a bit more may be a good idea, as we sometimes end-up in a pub!)
  • The club’s useful Guide to SRT
  • OPTIONAL: snack food / drink

Further Information:

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