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On this page you can see an interesting overview of both committee members and Christmas Party themes over the years, as far as we can remember… It has been compiled by Dr Methane, using only his famed mental faculties, some useful comments from older members and a couple of bottles of wine.

Interestingly the years John had the most trouble with were the ones when he was on the committee.

Year President Secretary Treasurer Tackle Master Soc Sec Xmas theme
2013/14 Emma Camp Laura Muchmore Anna Rabbett Yiorgos Gadanakis & Vizzle Neogi Tim Varney  
2012/13 Chrissie Picken May Alexander Kat Hooper Yiorgos Gadanakis Georgina Redgate Pyjamas
2011/12 Elsie Brooks Chris Holt Alice Dale Florence Goodwin Kat Hooper Cakes & Sweets
2010/11 Meyres Yalvac Piotr Marszalek Florence Goodwin Andy Kuszyk Elsie Brooks Formal
2009/10 Ben Whetton Joanna Meldner Piotr Marszalek Tony Roberts Jenny Burwell & Meyres Yalvak Burlesque
2008/9 Martyn Compton (Kathryn) Lucy Evans Ben Whetton Ben Wilson Penny Fletcher Wear anything but clothes
2007/8 Andy Kuszyk Helen Magorrian Jon Martin James Bouchard Ben Whetton No theme, just party!
2006/7 Charlotte Harris Andy Kuszyk Sarah Duddigan James Bouchard Caitlin Tebbit Rocky Horror
2005/6 Nikki Connors Charlotte Harris Harriet Hogg John Kitching Ann Marie Whitehouse Fancy Dress
2004/5 Henry Patton Nikki Connors John Wichett John Kitching Oli Richards Hawaiian
2003/4 J Bouchard Alexis Berryman+Oli Richards Jon Majiewicz Jeremy Knight John Kitching Leprechauns and Landmarks
2002/3 Jon Majiewicz Joel Newnham J Bouchard Kate Armstrong Paul Fellows Popstars and Pirates
2001/2 James Salmons (+Simon Caldow) Jon Majiewicz Jeremy Knight Ru Taylor Marina Sylvester The Underground
2000/1 Sarah Brocklebank Marina Sylvester Simon Caldow Ru Taylor Jon Majiewicz (also-VPres) From Russia with Mud
1999/2000 Johnny T Jon Majiewicz (+Daniel) Sarah Brocklebank Ru Taylor Jon Majiewicz Flat Caps and Fairies
1998/9 Chris + Tom ? None ? Johnny T Ru Taylor   Beards and Nuns
1997/8 Andy Rumming Chris Szabady Tom Foord Ru Taylor   Rude Vegetables II
1996/7 SJ Mason Andy Rumming Chris Szabady (+John Methven) Ru Taylor   The Big Tractor Quiz
1995/6 Chris Jacobs SJ Mason Nick Fairclough Al Starnes John Methven The Big Carrot
1994/5 Steve Chalker John Methven Chris Jacobs Rob Yard   Rude Vegetables I
1993/4 John Methven Steve Chalker Carl Bailey Tony Brown (Little) Rob Interesting Phenomena debut
1992/3 Martin None ? Henry Bonham Al Starnes Too drunk to remember
1991/2 Mark Boyd Julie Robertson Simon Sutton Sara Kennedy No theme, just party!
1990/1 Mark Horswill John Newstead Simon Sutton Simon Chattock The first , instigated by Brian West & Paul Whittington
1989/90 Lisa Bates James Thatcher Mark Horswill
1988/9 Brian West Julie Carswell Al Starnes Lisa Bates
1987/8 Helen Tickner/Chris Seal Lesley Furmidge Adam Hembury Brian West
1986/7 Dave Walker Helen Tickner Adam Hembury Chris Seal
1985/86 Penny? Adam Lurie Dave Walker

And before this? In the dark ages, before the dawn of RUCC history there are rumours of renegade presidents roaming the land – after a power struggle the committee emerged…

Apparently somewhere between 1969-72 Richard Matthews may have been president (Hello Richard & thanks). There was also an expedition to Spain in 1971.

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