Reading University Caving Club


Giant´s Hole round trip, January 2012 – RUCC

Here’s what some of us got up to back in January! Aside from a tight situation with Big Ben’s bum (don’t worry about him; he’s used to it), all went well. Thanks to John W’s keen sense of cinematography and the ingenious invention of the ‘camera on a stick’, we can now appreciate the whole experience in visual form from the comfort of our sofas.

For any viewers thinking “Gosh! I could never find the strength of mind and body to accomplish a feat such as this!” I feel obliged to inform you that Connor, our token American, left for this trip not half an hour after waking up with a truly superlative hangover. Having fallen prey to Martyn’s skittle vodka he so closely resembled a comatose giant that even falling off a top bunk in the middle of the night could not disturb his slumber. Eventually woken by the wafting aroma of bacon, he stumbled downstairs and in an unusually distinct East Coast accent announced


What are we to learn from this story? That bacon is a panacea for all ills? That caving is more fun than it looks? That mind-over-matter is the best way to deal with a hangover? Nay, the lesson here is … Look at those smiles!

A Reading University Caving Club Production.


John K and I were in the pub the other day saying that it’s about time we made another film. ‘Die Hard 4.0 – Service Pack 1’ was mentioned.

I mention this as the club once had an illustrious history in this area, with its own film making unit. To prove it I’ve just posted the club’s 1997 remake of ‘Aliens’ – ‘ALIENSS!’ online. It can be accessed, together with an explanation via my blog.

And amateur filmmaking is so much easier these days…

By the way if anyone wants a lift to Hidden Earth Andy K & myself are going for Reading on the Friday night.


We’ve had a revolution and a new committee have taken over. Ok so I lied as we’ve just had the AGM and elected a new committee, well we forced them to do it, we have the photos. Andy tried to resist so we had to make an example of him.
The new committee are
President: Andy
Secretary: Helen
Treasurer: Jon M
Tackle Master: J
Social Sec: Ben
Webmaster: Patrick
Surveys and Access: Jo
Chief Lamo: Nikki
Freshers fayre co-ordinator: Anne-Marie
International relations: Amy
Inter-club relations: Charlotte
Inter-club relations (away correspondent): Max
Food sec: John K
Navigation: Jon W.

(Note for former users: the photo of Andy posted replaces a previous one of him wearing a sock, but not in the usual place. John K would like to apologise for any distress that this may have caused. Paul).

More Party Pics

JohnwigNot so fast, new webmaster. I am still around and still monitoring from afar. What’s more I have just found a load of Jenn’s pictures on my hard drive, so I present to you  RUCC in  A Wig’. Let this act as a shiny and manageable example to next year’s intake.

So farewell, Jenn. See you next year. Also, if anyone  is around on 31 July I will be in the Back of Beyond, Reading from 8.00 onwards. Leaving the UK 1 August. Honest. UPDATE : My online diary is here. Please please let me have any advice about what to do in wherever I am.

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Give You…


Following the um, success of Widget World RUCC now gives you Charlotte’s Web. The site will no doubt evolve over time as we await Charlotte’s ascent to stunt queen and her further random thoughts, but in the meantime it’s a start. I also think it’s perhaps the future of web design – a biro, Charlotte & twenty minutes in the pub.

Incidentally, how odd is it that the Mars company’s response to Charlotte’s request for chocolate is addressed ‘Freeby Lane’? Maybe they do have a sense of humour in Slough.

Name Those Pants – This Week’s New Entries

Ladypants2Another week, another trip to the hut, and another couple of pairs of pants! These new pants will be added to the game that has caught the imagination of RUCC members the world over –  NAME THOSE PANTS!

Are they your pants, or have you seen them hiding the intimates of someone you know? All entries into ‘NAME THOSE PANTS’ will be also be added to the ‘Shrine O’ Pants’ that we are planning as a  piece of installation art in the hut.