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Welcome to Our New and Improved Website

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I am delighted to welcome you to our brand new website! Our old site has served us well over the last 8+ years, however we decided it was time to give it a bit of a lick of paint… So what’s new? In a nutshell:

  • Brand new look and feel, whilst remaining true to the spirit of the previous site.
  • More ways for club members to participate on and interact with the site. Add comments to any post, page, gallery or photo, and even add new posts to the front page! Find out more »
  • Calendar on the top right with links to details of all upcoming club events.
  • Better integration with Facebook. Easily share any post or page, and even log into this site with your Facebook username! We’ll be adding additional Facebook integration in the near future…
  • Easier to get in touch with committee members and enquire about joining the club, using our new Contact Form!
  • And last but not least, the new site is much easier to maintain, which means that it can (at last!) be updated much more frequently!

Of course I’d love your feedback on these changes – got any suggestions for improvements, ideas for the site, or have spotted any errors? Please let me know – either by adding a comment below this post, or by using the new contact form »

Older members will be aware that these changes have been in the works for quite some time. There are plenty of further plans though – over the next few weeks there should be lots more activity… In the meantime, many thanks to Paul Fellows, who set up our original site and devoted a huge amount of time to it; as well as to those of you who helped out with this new one – particularly Jo Meldner and Kat Hooper.

By the way, the old site hasn’t completely vanished off the face of the earth – you can still access it from

So, here’s to the next 8 years!

Patrick Hathway

Lots of New Photos

Cave Formations Gallery

Henley Pub Crawl - June 2011

South Wales Trip - May 2011

Star Wars House Party - March 2011


AGM - March 2011

Yorkshire Trips - Febuary-March 2011

Caveman Social - February 2011

Scotland Skiing Trip - Christmas 2010


Christmas Party 2010

CHECC 2010

Halloween House Party - October 2010

South Wales Trip - October 2010


I am happy to announce a lot of new photos have now been added to the site – these were taken during many of our club events over the past year… To access them all, either click on a thumbnail above to go to the relevant gallery, or visit our Photos section. Many thanks to all those who have taken them!

By the way, now that we have moved to a new system, it should hopefully be much quicker to add photos to the site in future, so from now on they should (finally!) be appearing far more frequently…! That’s the plan, anyway…

Events This Term

Somehow or other it appears that we have managed to organise LOADS of events for the coming term, even before it’s started! I can’t help feeling something must be wrong here – has the club ever been this organised before?! We’ve got plenty of trips to look forwards to, as well as a number of socials in the works – pub crawls, parties, a trip to Go Ape! (TBC), etc, etc. Thanks to the committee for planning all this 🙂

Anyway, I have updated the calender on the top right of every page to display all the events that we’re planning at the moment. Feel free to navigate through this calendar, and click on the days that are highlighted in yellow to view full details of the events that are happening on those days. I’ve also updated the Trips page to include details of all upcoming trips.

Note: it’s worth bearing in mind that some of these events and dates are provisional, so remember to check this site for further details nearer the time… If you are interested in attending any event, please feel free to get in touch!

It looks like we’ve got a brilliant term ahead of us!

Taking over

The time has finally come; my minions have risen up and taken over the web site. HaHa Ha Ha Ha

Ok so you lot elected me to the job and made me do it. Now that Paul has left, and I have actually started to do things (moved the site off Paul’s personal web space on to mine, er I mean the clubs), you will hopefully not notice any real changes to the website, apart from the photos. I’m still working on that bit; it takes longer than you would think.

So if you have any questions send them to me

New Experimental Forum

Forum_4We are currently experimenting with a chat type forum. Click here (or on the link to the left) and let us know what you think. It will improve over time, but have a look, post some thoughts and let us know.

We’ve only done this cos Kent have one. Except I’ve just checked and theirs doesn’t work. (Un)moderated by John K by the way so don’t blame me. The usual comments type stuff on this main page will also continue to work.

A Marketing Bonanza

PavingAs we’re being strangely organised this year we’ve already sorted out posters for next year. Rather than doing just the one, we’ve been overcome with creativity and produced nine. Take your pick. They are all available for viewing and downloading in the resources section. They open in a new browser windown, but right click to download. Please post them wherever you want to.

P.S the ruder ones are down to John K.