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This website has been designed with participation in mind, and there are a number of ways club members can interact with one another upon it. We’d love you to get involved – here are some of the ways you can do so:

Ways to Get Involved:

  • Comment on things on this website. Every blog post, page, photo album and individual photo has a comment box below it – so you can tell us your innermost thoughts and people can respond to them… You don’t have to register anywhere to add a comment, though you can if you wish.
  • Share items on Facebook. Every post has a Facebook ‘Recommend’ button, and you can even log into this site using your Facebook username!
  • Feel free to contact the committee or make suggestions using our contact form.
  • Any club member can add a post onto the front page – yes, you did read that right! Soon you’ll be able to upload photo albums as well… Find out more »
  • If you have any ideas for new content that could go on this site, please let us know! If you wish, we may be able to give you access that will allow to directly contribute stuff to the site, or alternatively do things on your behalf.
  • Finally, if you’re really keen, you could even help to maintain the site! You don’t necessarily need much technical knowledge to do this – just enthusiasm! OK, maybe this is just the webmaster trying to get out of doing their job – worth a try, anyway 😛

Logging Into the Site:

If you wish, you can log into this site, which will allow you to store / update your details, so you can add comments more quickly. The greatest benefit however is that you can post articles onto the front page! You don’t even have to create a new username to do this!

Instead, you can log in securely via your account on another service such as Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. To do that, click on one of the icons on the log in page, and select the external service you want to use to log in.

Or you can directly register a new username on this site if you prefer…

Posting to the Front Page:

Any member of the caving club is welcome to post articles onto the homepage of this site! Feel free to post anything you think may be of interest – an account of a trip you’ve been on, anecdotes, pictures, club-related humour, or even just whatever random thoughts happen to be in your head at the time! The more creative, the better…

To add a post, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Add Post link on the top right of every page.
  2. Log in with your Facebook, Gmail username etc, or create a new username specially for this site (see above).
  3. Once logged in, you should see a screen that allows you to add a post to the front page. Feel free to use the text editor to format your content, upload images, etc. When done, click on the prominent blue ‘Submit For Review’ button on the right.
  4. Your post will appear on the homepage as soon as it has been approved by the webmaster.

In the future, we plan to add the ability for club members to upload their own photo galleries as well. We’re even hoping that it will be possible to directly import albums from Facebook!

Participation Guidelines:

And now for the boring bit… Please remember to use your common sense when posting any content onto this site – don’t add anything illegal, and try to avoid adding anything that other people (e.g. other club members, or the public in general) may find offensive or embarrassing.

This may be a bit difficult in the case of photos, as it seems like MOST of our caving photos are offensive and embarrassing!! But try to consider when a bit of discretion might be in order… 😉

The webmaster may edit or remove any user’s content if they feel it is necessary, however they will try to keep this to a minimum where possible. If you spot anything that you want removed, please let the webmaster know. Or as an alternative, it may be possible to make content only visible to certain users – please enquire for more details.

Last of all, remember to have fun!


Just to reassure you, we don’t collect any personal details from normal visitors to this site. Like most websites, we may collect basic statistics (e.g. number of page visits etc), however these are completely anonymous.

If you choose to participate on this site (e.g. by posting comments, registering etc), you may need to provide information like your name, email address etc. This will not be used to send you spam or for any other nasty purpose. It will only be used if we need to contact you about any content you have posted. Your email address will never be published on the site.

Note that if you choose to log in through an external service (Facebook, Google etc), these companies may have their own privacy policies. If you log in via one of these services, we never see your password. Instead you are taken directly to the service – and after they have verified your identity, you are automatically returned back to this website. Some details (such as your email address) may be transferred back to us – however these will only be used as above. The above functionality is implemented via a plugin provided by JanRain (a.k.a RPXNow). You’re welcome to register here directly instead if you feel more comfortable doing that.

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