Reading University Caving Club

Embarrassing Chipmunk Incident

A Reading University Caving Club Production.


John K and I were in the pub the other day saying that it’s about time we made another film. ‘Die Hard 4.0 – Service Pack 1’ was mentioned.

I mention this as the club once had an illustrious history in this area, with its own film making unit. To prove it I’ve just posted the club’s 1997 remake of ‘Aliens’ – ‘ALIENSS!’ online. It can be accessed, together with an explanation via my blog.

And amateur filmmaking is so much easier these days…

By the way if anyone wants a lift to Hidden Earth Andy K & myself are going for Reading on the Friday night.

Summer Fun

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Just to let you know that while school’s out an elite hardcore of caving club glitterati (well me, and assorted Johns) will be lounging around the Upin Arms on Mondays. This will be followed by an inadvertent swing into Up The Junction, no doubt against everyone’s will. All welcome.