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need of a stiff drink and a peer group

Giant´s Hole round trip, January 2012 – RUCC

Here’s what some of us got up to back in January! Aside from a tight situation with Big Ben’s bum (don’t worry about him; he’s used to it), all went well. Thanks to John W’s keen sense of cinematography and the ingenious invention of the ‘camera on a stick’, we can now appreciate the whole experience in visual form from the comfort of our sofas.

For any viewers thinking “Gosh! I could never find the strength of mind and body to accomplish a feat such as this!” I feel obliged to inform you that Connor, our token American, left for this trip not half an hour after waking up with a truly superlative hangover. Having fallen prey to Martyn’s skittle vodka he so closely resembled a comatose giant that even falling off a top bunk in the middle of the night could not disturb his slumber. Eventually woken by the wafting aroma of bacon, he stumbled downstairs and in an unusually distinct East Coast accent announced


What are we to learn from this story? That bacon is a panacea for all ills? That caving is more fun than it looks? That mind-over-matter is the best way to deal with a hangover? Nay, the lesson here is … Look at those smiles!

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In case you are an ex-RUCC member and in a state of unawareness (quite possible this) the current and oh-so-vibrant club are organising a reunion event. It will be taking place on the weekend of 13-14th March, at the South West Caving Club. I think the intention is that newer members drink from the font of wisdom of the older members and the older members look at the newer kit and say things like ‘it was never like this in my day. The cave almost rigs itself!’ Although recreational drinks may also be involved. If anyone wants to go leave a comment/contact me/the current Secretary Jo.

Currently rutting down for a good frolic:

1              Kevin Welch      

3              Andy Kuszyk + Mesh

5              Henry Dawson + Shiv

6              Jonathan Majewicz

7              John Kitching

8              Joel Newnham

9              Jon wichett

10           Tom Foord FB – actually not due now

11           Charlotte Harris

12           Tim Morgan

13           Steve Chalker

14           Joel Newnham

15           Jo Hardy

16           Simon Sutton

17           James Thatcher

19           Jon Martin + Caroline

21           John & Lisa Methven

22           Richard Haylen

23           Nikki Connors FB

24           Duncan butler

25           James Bouchard

26           Paul Fellows

27           Jude Haigh

28           Andy ‘Bob’ Burns

29           Alastair Starnes

30           Katharine Goddard

31           Henry Patton

32           Chris Seal

33           Henry Bonham

34           Julie Robertson

35           Patrick Hathaway

36           Lucy Evans

37           David Wyn Jones

38           Helen Magoriam

39           Robertson, Julie

40           Slug

41           Anthony Roberts

P.S Can I do ‘Play Your Grapes Right’?

P.P.S I still have control of the caving club home page…… wah ha ha ha… By the way, is this a good idea?

P.P.P.S If you’re reading this Mr Kitching, I’ve just seen the photos of the Burlesque evening on Facebook and the one of you fondling Jon’s bottom will stay etched in my memory forever.

Pub Golf!

Pubgolf3 The RUCC Social Secretariat are pleased to announce that the club will be holding the fifth inaugural pub golf event on Tuesday 16th October. Players will be requested to assemble in the College Arms at 7.00 p.m ready for teeing off. Second hole will no doubt be the Upin Arms at Cemetery Junction but after that your guess is as good as mine. If you are planning on being late (in which case your chances of winning are significantly handicapped) your best bet is to contact event commissioner and referee Andy K.

There really ought to be an award for silliest trousers or anyone caught in the rough.

In other news I have been alerted by outside contacts to more important YouTube footage of our esteemed leader. Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you the Mendip Formation Dancers: