Reading University Caving Club


New Committee for 2011/12!

On Monday 21st March 2011 we held our AGM at Sweeney & Todds pie shop, where our new committee for the 2011/12 academic year was elected.

Here are the details of who was elected to each position:

President: Elsie Brooks
Secretary: Chris Holt
Treasurer: Alice Dale
Social Secretary: Kathryn Hooper
Tackle Master: Florence Goodwin
Webmaster: Patrick Hathway

And last but not least, we have a new very important position:

Cake Secretary (!) : Chrissie Picken

This was one of the most eventful AGMs that the club has had in many years – indeed, I think I’m right in saying that virtually every position was seriously contested by at least two candidates!! I’m sure this is a very healthy sign for the club.

So congratulations to everyone who was elected – I think we’ve got an amazing year ahead of us!