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Welcome to the RUCC Stupidity Archive

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We, at the RUCC headquarters, are very proud to present our ever-growing stupidity archive! Here you can find all manner of silly things from the past, present, and future of the club – recorded here for posterity.

There’s undoubtedly some deep inner meaning behind the stuff here, but we’re yet to find it. It would probably deeply disturb us if we did…

Anyway, we welcome stupidity in all its forms, so if you have any bright ideas for this section, please let the webmaster know.

By the way, you can see even more stupid stuff on our old website – eventually it will all find its way here.


Name That Committee!

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On this page you can see an interesting overview of both committee members and Christmas Party themes over the years, as far as we can remember… It has been compiled by Dr Methane, using only his famed mental faculties, some useful comments from older members and a couple of bottles of wine.

Interestingly the years John had the most trouble with were the ones when he was on the committee.