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gaping gill

Trip to Yorkshire

Gaping Gill

Last weekend we went on a club trip to Yorkshire. Although much smaller than most of our trips, it was a particularly enjoyable one.

Here are some of the things we got up to:

  • Worked out how to pack a small car with five person’s worth of luggage PLUS caving / SRT gear, and yet remain surprisingly comfortable!
  • Learnt how NOT to open or shut a car bonnet…
  • Left astonishingly early on Saturday morning to visit the fabulous Gaping Gill chamber (accessed via Bar Pot). I was really pleased to see this again after so long – it’s one of my all-time favourite caves. Did you know that this chamber has the second deepest shaft in Britain, and that the square volume of the cavern is comparable to most cathedrals?! This time I stood right underneath the waterfall for a while – I’m quite proud to be able to claim to have showered in the waters of Gaping Gill 😀
  • Played against Nottingham Uni (and were defeated) at Beer/Cocktail Pong.
  • Got up not so early on the Sunday, nursing hangovers, and tried to summon up the will to go caving on a rainy day… Sound familiar?! Ultimately it was worth it though!

Congratulations to Chrissie who completed both caves successfully despite very little experience with SRT, and to Chris who rigged his first caves! You both did brilliantly! Thanks also to J for leading, and for putting up with us…!

Note: Image courtesy of Wikipedia. And yes, the shaft really is that spectacular!