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Eurospeleo 2016

Hi all,
As many of you know, Eurospeleo 2016 will be held in Yorkshire this August – expected to be the biggest UK caving event this century, with well over 1000 cavers from all around the world attending!

The next few days are your last chance to obtain heavily discounted tickets! Currently you can get tickets for only £60 for the whole week if you’re under 25, or £80 if you’re older.

Here’s why this is such a big deal: All the main caves in Yorkshire will be pre-rigged (using more than 9 kilometres of rope obtained specially for this event) providing easier access to some of the most amazing caves in Britain; and there will also be lots of talks, workshops, evening entertainment, partying, and general mayhem! Kind of like CHECC, but on a much bigger scale… In short, if you have even a passing interest in caving, this event is unmissable!

If you’re thinking of coming, join our Facebook event:
I know a number of you are planning to come for part of the event, but can’t make it for the whole week. If so, that’s cool – just add yourself to the event page above, and let us know what days you’ll be there, so people can coordinate travel plans etc…

For those who’ll be attending some of the time, you’ll also be able to get tickets on the door each day (subject to availability). These will cost £20 for all events that day as well as overnight camping; or £10 per evening including camping; or £5 evening only; or £5 per day caving only.

More details about the event here:
Buy tickets here:
Details of the rigged caves here:
Details of the evening entertainment here:

I look forward to seeing you there!

Upcoming events & trips

Upcoming trips/events:

A trip at the belfry is being held on the 1st of April to the third.

Also, there’s a greenhouse building and bonfire that will be held on the 6th of April as we now have a place to dry our kit!


Let me know if you’d like to go to any of these events (or click going on the Facebook event),  should be lots of fun and should be a nice gathering and everyone is welcome as always 🙂

The new Committee members of 2016:

Thanks to all those who came to the pie night yesterday and all those who volunteered for the roles below.

President- Alex Stephenson
Secretary- Jeremy Holzke
Treasurer- Ivan Syrovoiskii
Tackle Master- Ben Tout
Permit Sec – Christopher David Chapple Holt
Social Sec – Harvey Connolly
Wellbeing Officer – Harvey Connolly
Webmaster – Jeremy Holzke
Cake Sec- Alex Stephenson
Floating Committee Member – Patrick Hathway


Here’s to another great year of caving! 🙂

Pie Night & AGM 7pm,22nd March 2016 @ Sweeney’s and Todd’s



This is an IMPORTANT MEETING PLEASE ATTEND!!! We will be discussing the new committee for next year. Obviously the more people there the better the AGM will be. If you are interested in standing for a place in the committee please message Alex or me before hand with what you hope to run for.

Here is a list of the Committee role which we need to confirm for next year.

Positions marked with a * are position ONLY available to people who will be students of the UoR for the following year however all other positions are available to all club members.

Responsible for organising trips by co-ordinating all the other committee members. Chasing up people and making sure other committee members’ jobs get done! Organising freshers fair, finding drivers for trips, shopping for the trips, attending SRT training sessions, helping with the kit cleaning, helping with the budget request, attending union meetings and delegating out jobs that you can’t do yourself.

Responsible for booking the huts and sorting out keys filling out risk assessments for all the trips, writing minutes for committee meetings, chasing up issues with union, booking minibuses, attend union meetings and picking up the pieces when the president messes up!

Money Money Money! Collecting membership/sportsfed, collecting trip fees at the pub and before each trip, paying the hut fees, keeping a track of all money that goes in and out of the club, writing the budget request, budgeting for the year, seeking external sponsorship, apply for Alumni fund grant.

Tackle Master
Taking responsibility for all of the kit the club owns by renewing kit when necessary, keeping an inventory of what we own, making sure our kit is in a usable condition, organising kit cleaning, CHARGING THE BATTERIES, remembering the tackle hut keys for when the president forgets them!
This coming year we may be moving from the tackle hut (BooHoo) so this may be something the tackle master will have to follow up and organise.

Permit Secretary
Find out what caves people would like to try and obtain permits/leaders for them!

Social Secretary
PARTIES!!! Organising socials throughout the year which cater to both students in Reading and members who live further away. Making a conscious effort to make everyone feel welcome and being a friendly point of contact especially for newbies who are a little shy to speak to the executive committee.

Training officer
Leading or organising SRT training throughout the year and making sure that the training given is consistent.

Web Master
Upkeep / updating of the website, posting up our photos / trip reports. I’m pretty sure they do other things as well but I have no understanding of this – best to speak to Patrick!

Cake Secretary
Possibly the most important job in the club. Supplying us with cake on our trips so that when we get hungry we have something to munch on. You can be as creative as you like, we’re not fussy!

March 2016 Trips

On the 6th of Feb, there is a caving BBQ party. This is in aid of charity. For more details, look on our facebook caving group. Please let Chrissie know if you’d like to go by friday.


We have two events coming up in March:

  • Southern CHECC which will take place on 4th to the 6th.
  • South Wales trip on the 18th to the 19th of March