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Eurospeleo 2016

Hi all,
As many of you know, Eurospeleo 2016 will be held in Yorkshire this August – expected to be the biggest UK caving event this century, with well over 1000 cavers from all around the world attending!

The next few days are your last chance to obtain heavily discounted tickets! Currently you can get tickets for only £60 for the whole week if you’re under 25, or £80 if you’re older.

Here’s why this is such a big deal: All the main caves in Yorkshire will be pre-rigged (using more than 9 kilometres of rope obtained specially for this event) providing easier access to some of the most amazing caves in Britain; and there will also be lots of talks, workshops, evening entertainment, partying, and general mayhem! Kind of like CHECC, but on a much bigger scale… In short, if you have even a passing interest in caving, this event is unmissable!

If you’re thinking of coming, join our Facebook event:
I know a number of you are planning to come for part of the event, but can’t make it for the whole week. If so, that’s cool – just add yourself to the event page above, and let us know what days you’ll be there, so people can coordinate travel plans etc…

For those who’ll be attending some of the time, you’ll also be able to get tickets on the door each day (subject to availability). These will cost £20 for all events that day as well as overnight camping; or £10 per evening including camping; or £5 evening only; or £5 per day caving only.

More details about the event here:
Buy tickets here:
Details of the rigged caves here:
Details of the evening entertainment here:

I look forward to seeing you there!

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