Reading University Caving Club

More Party Pics

JohnwigNot so fast, new webmaster. I am still around and still monitoring from afar. What’s more I have just found a load of Jenn’s pictures on my hard drive, so I present to you  RUCC in  A Wig’. Let this act as a shiny and manageable example to next year’s intake.

So farewell, Jenn. See you next year. Also, if anyone  is around on 31 July I will be in the Back of Beyond, Reading from 8.00 onwards. Leaving the UK 1 August. Honest. UPDATE : My online diary is here. Please please let me have any advice about what to do in wherever I am.

Go Ape

The last post… pictures of today’s ‘Go Ape’ are here. Bark!

Otherwise it was pointed out today that our forum is currently the least forumesque of any fora anywhere. I therefore commend it to you as an exceptionally forumatic way of keeping in touch over the summer.

Tomorrow is the last Monday in the pub of the year (the Monday, not the pub), and last chance (ish) to see Henry P, Jenn, John W and myself as we are due to depart to pastures new.

That Was The Year That Was

PartyAs a way of rounding off the year John and Paul invite all RUCC members to an evening soiree round at their place.

The event is due to take place on Thursday 22nd at 7.30-8.00 ish, and has been themed (for reasons now lost at the bottom of a glass) as ‘Cigars and Candyfloss’. So bring some lungs. A barbecue has also been threatened.

Hope to see you all there – this is the last get together for the year (erm, apart from Go Ape on Sunday) and will mark the depature of both Jenn and Paul.

If you need directions to our house please let me/John know.

A Review of the Past Year or Two…

Poster1smHere’s a big poster of top pictures for the last couple of years, culled from stuff on my hard drive. Hopefully this will serve as a reminder of the stupid and fun stuff we’ve done. Warning – a big download at 5.4 Mb, but I suggest you download it to your hard drive and then print it – it should print out to an A4 printer OK. Let me know if not.

Farewell, thanks for all the comments on the site, and here’s to 2006/7. Who’s organising Fresher’s Fayre…

Yorkshire May 2006

CaversA very few photos from this weekend’s trip to Yorkshire are now here.

And for the record it was a boy called Elvis (you had to be there but thank your lucky stars you weren’t) and turgid means ‘excessively ornate or complex in style or language; or swollen or distended, as from a fluid. So we were all wrong.

Next up – Curry Club, Back of Beyond, Thursday 8.00 ish.