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Upcoming Trips:

I hope everyone had a good time in Derbyshire this weekend. Our upcoming trips are:

SCHECC on the 3rd – 5th march – like CHECC but just the southern clubs. The organise fantastic training that I would recommend doing. We are taking deposits of £20 now.

If you are thinking of going to Yorkshire the single rope technique (SRT) training is particularly useful as SRT is an important skill for Yorkshire caves, and you will be able to do more of them on the trip is you has done this training. You will need to be quick though as the training tends to fill up quickly.

There’s also a trip to Yorkshire on the 10th – 12th march. Caves here have the added bonus that you abseil into most of them.

Any questions or to sign up just contact someone on the committee.

Upcoming trips

Hi all, here are some of the events coming up,

Our social event tomorrow is:  RUCC @ Oakford Social Club, 8:30. If you are coming on the Derbyshire trip, please bring your £20 deposit.

Also, we are going up north for some trips,  Southern CHECC is coming up:

February 17th-19th -Derbyshire
March 3rd-5th – SCHECC
March 10th-12th- Yorkshire

We also have the AGM coming up on the 18th of March, let me know if you are interested in running for any of the roles below:
President*, Secretary*, Treasurer*, Tackle master, Permit Sec,  Social Sec, Training officer, Web master and Cake Sec. (Positions marked as * are for students who will be at UoR next year)



Upcoming trips 2016

24th Sep Freshers Day Trip link: 

Details: We are having day trips to the Mendips at the weekend following the Freshers Fayre. Clicking attending on this event is not enough. Please get in touch to make sure you get a space. Or just come and see us at the Fayre (Thursday 22nd 11am-4pm).

25th Sep – Freshers Day Trip link:

We are having day trips to the Mendips at the weekend following the Freshers Fayre. Clicking attending on this event is not enough. Please get in touch to make sure you get a space. Or just come and see us at the Fayre (Thursday 22nd 11am-4pm).

1\2 Oct – Wales : SWCC    link:

22\23 Oct – Mendips (BEC)   link:

4\5 Nov – Mendips (Fireworks) link:

The Bristol Exploration Club aka BEC (motto: ‘Everything to Excess’) are holding their annual Guy Fawkes Night party at their bunkhouse in the Mendip Hills. It’s a prime location for caving by day, and by night you can reasonably expect to see something you haven’t seen before. Come on, it’ll be a blast!

25-27 Nov – CHECC at Mendips  link:
9-11 December – wales (whitewalls)

If you have any questions about any of these trip, please dont hesitate to contact me or post on the facebook links.

Eurospeleo 2016

Hi all,
As many of you know, Eurospeleo 2016 will be held in Yorkshire this August – expected to be the biggest UK caving event this century, with well over 1000 cavers from all around the world attending!

The next few days are your last chance to obtain heavily discounted tickets! Currently you can get tickets for only £60 for the whole week if you’re under 25, or £80 if you’re older.

Here’s why this is such a big deal: All the main caves in Yorkshire will be pre-rigged (using more than 9 kilometres of rope obtained specially for this event) providing easier access to some of the most amazing caves in Britain; and there will also be lots of talks, workshops, evening entertainment, partying, and general mayhem! Kind of like CHECC, but on a much bigger scale… In short, if you have even a passing interest in caving, this event is unmissable!

If you’re thinking of coming, join our Facebook event:
I know a number of you are planning to come for part of the event, but can’t make it for the whole week. If so, that’s cool – just add yourself to the event page above, and let us know what days you’ll be there, so people can coordinate travel plans etc…

For those who’ll be attending some of the time, you’ll also be able to get tickets on the door each day (subject to availability). These will cost £20 for all events that day as well as overnight camping; or £10 per evening including camping; or £5 evening only; or £5 per day caving only.

More details about the event here:
Buy tickets here:
Details of the rigged caves here:
Details of the evening entertainment here:

I look forward to seeing you there!

The new Committee members of 2016:

Thanks to all those who came to the pie night yesterday and all those who volunteered for the roles below.

President- Alex Stephenson
Secretary- Jeremy Holzke
Treasurer- Ivan Syrovoiskii
Tackle Master- Ben Tout
Permit Sec – Christopher David Chapple Holt
Social Sec – Harvey Connolly
Wellbeing Officer – Harvey Connolly
Webmaster – Jeremy Holzke
Cake Sec- Alex Stephenson
Floating Committee Member – Patrick Hathway


Here’s to another great year of caving! 🙂

Pie Night & AGM 7pm,22nd March 2016 @ Sweeney’s and Todd’s



This is an IMPORTANT MEETING PLEASE ATTEND!!! We will be discussing the new committee for next year. Obviously the more people there the better the AGM will be. If you are interested in standing for a place in the committee please message Alex or me before hand with what you hope to run for.

Here is a list of the Committee role which we need to confirm for next year.

Positions marked with a * are position ONLY available to people who will be students of the UoR for the following year however all other positions are available to all club members.

Responsible for organising trips by co-ordinating all the other committee members. Chasing up people and making sure other committee members’ jobs get done! Organising freshers fair, finding drivers for trips, shopping for the trips, attending SRT training sessions, helping with the kit cleaning, helping with the budget request, attending union meetings and delegating out jobs that you can’t do yourself.

Responsible for booking the huts and sorting out keys filling out risk assessments for all the trips, writing minutes for committee meetings, chasing up issues with union, booking minibuses, attend union meetings and picking up the pieces when the president messes up!

Money Money Money! Collecting membership/sportsfed, collecting trip fees at the pub and before each trip, paying the hut fees, keeping a track of all money that goes in and out of the club, writing the budget request, budgeting for the year, seeking external sponsorship, apply for Alumni fund grant.

Tackle Master
Taking responsibility for all of the kit the club owns by renewing kit when necessary, keeping an inventory of what we own, making sure our kit is in a usable condition, organising kit cleaning, CHARGING THE BATTERIES, remembering the tackle hut keys for when the president forgets them!
This coming year we may be moving from the tackle hut (BooHoo) so this may be something the tackle master will have to follow up and organise.

Permit Secretary
Find out what caves people would like to try and obtain permits/leaders for them!

Social Secretary
PARTIES!!! Organising socials throughout the year which cater to both students in Reading and members who live further away. Making a conscious effort to make everyone feel welcome and being a friendly point of contact especially for newbies who are a little shy to speak to the executive committee.

Training officer
Leading or organising SRT training throughout the year and making sure that the training given is consistent.

Web Master
Upkeep / updating of the website, posting up our photos / trip reports. I’m pretty sure they do other things as well but I have no understanding of this – best to speak to Patrick!

Cake Secretary
Possibly the most important job in the club. Supplying us with cake on our trips so that when we get hungry we have something to munch on. You can be as creative as you like, we’re not fussy!

Trip Dates Spring Term 2014

16th – 18th January: Whitewalls, South Wales
30th Jan – 1st February: Joint Mountaineers and Cavers @ Yorkshire
13th – 15th February: Derbyshire (Most likely the Orpheus)
27th – 29th February: Bounce Below @ North Wales
13th – 15th March: SCHECC


To book yourself on any trip contact sam @ ~ 07584414292

RUCC First Caving trip to South Wales (3-5 Oct)

Defaid sanctaidd yn mynd i’r cymoedd!! In welsh that translates as “Holy sheep we’re heading to the valleys!”

For our first freshers weekend we are heading to the “South Wales Caving Club”, based in Penwyllt, near Abercraf, fifteen miles up the valley from Swansea.

South Wales is one of the finest caving regions in the UK and again has a vast range of cave systems ideal for beginners or those of you looking for a challenge.

Check out the caves on offer…

A fun weekend of caving, games, food and Alcohol await so join us. It will be the be the start of your caving careers 🙂

Contact myself @ to confirm your place or use the link below…

Facebook_logo-2Visit this page on Facebook to join

Fresher Trips 2014

Welcome freshers

Are you interested in trying caving and want to find out more? We will be at the sports fayre, 11am to 5pm on the 25th September. Alternately you can ether come to one of our 2 presentations on the 25th September, at 6pm, location TBA. If you can’t make then you can come on the 30th September, at 7pm, location TBA.

We also have a number of fantastic trips planned:

Sunday 28th September – freshers day trip to the Mendips – only £7

Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th October – freshers trip to south wales – reduced from to £15 from £35

Friday 17th to Sunday 19th October – freshers trip to the Mendips – only £35

The prises for the weekend trips include transport, accommodation and food (complete with full English breakfast).
For more information look on our Facebook page.

Crete Trip Report

Posted on behalf of J Bouchard

Over the summer a few of us flew to Heraklion in Crete to spend a couple of weeks “quasi caving”. In short this means we pretend we are going on a hardcore expedition to find new caves but actually spend more time drinking Rachi (local spirit, not of the ghost variety) and snorkelling, or talking about snorkelling in Andy Kuszyk’s case.

After a 4 hour flight and we landed in Heraklion, either via hire car or local bus transfer we soon found ourselves being looked after by our generous hosts, the Gadanakis family in the village of Dafni.

Yiorgos showed Andy how to dance(!) in preparation for the local Paniyiri, a Cretian religious festival: church followed by party, dancing, eating & drinking, a video may soon be available on YouTube courtesy of Meyres Kuszyk. Amelia Handley was intrigued by the triple fleck caving rope adoring the village church bell, I kid you not. Pre my arrival, Henry Dawson and Yiorgos had a couple of promising new cave entrances, one with a significant pause before their test stone hit the floor, but in the following days we choose to go outdoor caving instead aka gorge walking and swimming. See pics.

The Gadanakis family are resident in a small village in the Sitias region of Crete, it is literally so small that you are always within a stone’s throw of one of the family members’ houses. The Speleo Ingle (English Cavers) seemed to be flavour of the month and we were treated to some delicious local food as well as a chance to catch up with Anna Tsakalaki and also some local cavers from last year.

At the end of August, SPOK (Speleogical Club of Crete) hosted the 16th Cretian Caving Conference, the equivalent of the UK’s Hidden Earth. After a heavy night on the Rachi and fuelled by Spaghetti Bolognese, Henry and Yiorgos set off down Le Maxim a -250m cave with only 2 hours sleep. Needless to say they weren’t keen to join in with the Spelio Olympics assault course later in the afternoon. A big thank you to the organisers who were very welcoming and after a few ‘Milate Anglikas’ we worked out that their English was infinitely better than our Greek.

See – Try Google Chrome Translate if your Greek is as bad as mine!

On our rest days we visited the family farm and helped to feed the animals – I use this term loosely, I mainly cowered in the corner when the dogs barked and got scared of the wasps which were megalo. Andy and Mesh agreed that open top 4×4 travel is the way forward and Amelia Handley and I tried to prove this later by hiring a quad, but sadly we broke the drive chain within 36 hours. Oops.

I’ll cut a long story short and let you look at the pics, having tried some cave snorkelling I’m not in a rush to do any cave diving! And we’ll have to wait to hear from Henry on whether that pitch goes or not….

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