Reading University Caving Club


Back from Another Wales Trip

Cavers covered in mud

This weekend, the club went on another very successful trip to South Wales, staying at the Croydon.

Even before we started, we knew that it would be an eventful one – an astonishing 18 people turned up for it – unprecedented for the summer term?! And that indeed turned out to be the case…

Among other things, we:

  • Saw some spectacular helictites in Pant Mawr – well worth the hour’s walk to get there!
  • Indulged in our usual pastimes of Sock Wrestling, The Box Game, etc
  • Navigated our way intrepidly through a non-existent forest, attempting to find our next cave…
  • Once we eventually found it, spent the next hour inside the most pointless, stupid, ridiculous and muddy cave ever – but also one of the most entertaining! See the photo above for the aftermath…
  • Learnt the best techniques for preventing copious amounts of mud getting smeared in the interior of the minibus, whilst attempting to travel somewhere we could clean off …
  • … spent an hour cleaning the interior of the minibus, after said techniques failed spectacularly!
  • Learnt that the best answer to any question is invariably “SAUSAGES!!!”

In short, it was another excellent trip! Thanks to Elsie and the rest of the committee for organising it…

News! Reunion Retro Event Type News Shock


In case you are an ex-RUCC member and in a state of unawareness (quite possible this) the current and oh-so-vibrant club are organising a reunion event. It will be taking place on the weekend of 13-14th March, at the South West Caving Club. I think the intention is that newer members drink from the font of wisdom of the older members and the older members look at the newer kit and say things like ‘it was never like this in my day. The cave almost rigs itself!’ Although recreational drinks may also be involved. If anyone wants to go leave a comment/contact me/the current Secretary Jo.

Currently rutting down for a good frolic:

1              Kevin Welch      

3              Andy Kuszyk + Mesh

5              Henry Dawson + Shiv

6              Jonathan Majewicz

7              John Kitching

8              Joel Newnham

9              Jon wichett

10           Tom Foord FB – actually not due now

11           Charlotte Harris

12           Tim Morgan

13           Steve Chalker

14           Joel Newnham

15           Jo Hardy

16           Simon Sutton

17           James Thatcher

19           Jon Martin + Caroline

21           John & Lisa Methven

22           Richard Haylen

23           Nikki Connors FB

24           Duncan butler

25           James Bouchard

26           Paul Fellows

27           Jude Haigh

28           Andy ‘Bob’ Burns

29           Alastair Starnes

30           Katharine Goddard

31           Henry Patton

32           Chris Seal

33           Henry Bonham

34           Julie Robertson

35           Patrick Hathaway

36           Lucy Evans

37           David Wyn Jones

38           Helen Magoriam

39           Robertson, Julie

40           Slug

41           Anthony Roberts

P.S Can I do ‘Play Your Grapes Right’?

P.P.S I still have control of the caving club home page…… wah ha ha ha… By the way, is this a good idea?

P.P.P.S If you’re reading this Mr Kitching, I’ve just seen the photos of the Burlesque evening on Facebook and the one of you fondling Jon’s bottom will stay etched in my memory forever.

Devon, June 2006


This weekend we mostly:

– Jumped off a 7 metre cliff, whilst coasteering

– Proceded to measure it, because we’re sad, and had rope

– Drank cider, and stole Richard’s clothes.

Oh, and did some caving. Photos of this weekend are now posted here. Those present know that alternative photos exist. I shall leave this to the judgement and modesty of the current webmaster. Special thanks to Andy Rumming for setting it all up.

A reminder – ‘Go Ape’ is set up for Sunday 25th. let Caitlin know if you want to go.

Yorkshire May 2006

CaversA very few photos from this weekend’s trip to Yorkshire are now here.

And for the record it was a boy called Elvis (you had to be there but thank your lucky stars you weren’t) and turgid means ‘excessively ornate or complex in style or language; or swollen or distended, as from a fluid. So we were all wrong.

Next up – Curry Club, Back of Beyond, Thursday 8.00 ish.

First Trip Next Term

OlddruccshirtA quick reminder that the first trip of next term is Yorkshire, YSS, 28th April-1st May (first weekend of next term).

Out of interest, the image on the left is the desgin of the very first RUCC sweatshirt. Thanks to Alex Hanning of South Carolina, USA for sending this in.

The committee page and silly page has also been updated.

Happy New Year

NewscastNew Year, New Adventures.  Trips for this term:

South Wales (SWCC) 27th-29th January. Bring a saucepan.

South Wales again (the small but perfectly formed Whitewalls) 17th-19th February.

Yorkshire 3rd-5th March, NPC. This will be an SRT trip involving ropes and anguish, so get training.

And we still haven’t been to Devon….

CHECC 2005!

Checc2005This weekend we went away to CHECC in Yorkshire and mostly:

– Were trained in SRT by Dave Elliot & co;
– Discussed the symbolism of the humble cabbage in modern art;
– Found out the freezing consequences of losing a bet over a game of pool.

Photos are inevitably here. Thanks to everyone who organised.

Quote of the weekend belongs to John W:

Nikki: "Are you leaving me for another woman?"
John W: "No. I’m leaving you for two other women. And a man."

Finally: SRT – to those who have started we have our own fully illustrated guide here (1.8Mb pdf direct download).

Finally, quick reminder that the Christmas party is THIS SATURDAY.

Here We Go Again…

Jumpingcats142sr_1Welcome New People!

This weekend we mostly:

– Played the stretchy baked bean game and traversed our interior environment
– Got a bit smelly cleaning grease out of the plumbing system in the hut
– Rode Rita, Queen of Speed. Whilst covered in grease.

Oh, and did some caving. Photos (where I remembered to take any) are here. If anyone has any others or wants proper copies etc etc.

Next trip: Derbyshire. Again! Next weekend! Full on! Raaaah!

Quick reminders  – furries are still despertately needed, so if you have one BRING IT BACK or we will find you and beat you with both short and long cows tails.

And looking good! If you want a hoody give £15 to John K, or £6 for a T Shirt. (£20 for both)