Reading University Caving Club

Here We Go Again…

Jumpingcats142sr_1Welcome New People!

This weekend we mostly:

– Played the stretchy baked bean game and traversed our interior environment
– Got a bit smelly cleaning grease out of the plumbing system in the hut
– Rode Rita, Queen of Speed. Whilst covered in grease.

Oh, and did some caving. Photos (where I remembered to take any) are here. If anyone has any others or wants proper copies etc etc.

Next trip: Derbyshire. Again! Next weekend! Full on! Raaaah!

Quick reminders  – furries are still despertately needed, so if you have one BRING IT BACK or we will find you and beat you with both short and long cows tails.

And looking good! If you want a hoody give £15 to John K, or £6 for a T Shirt. (£20 for both)

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