Reading University Caving Club

The 2021 Committee

Below are RUCC’s leading lights (subject to battery failure):

The Constitutional Committee:


Harry Everitt

As president Harry is responsible for offering leadership, motivation, spiritual guidance and emotional help to all our members. Though mostly it involves getting us out of bed in the morning on trips. Contact Harry if you have any enquiries on any of this, life, art or the club itself.

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Jon Abrahams

Jon is responsible for applying the administrative grease to the wheels of the club. As Secretary it is his job to keep secrets, such as when we are going away, which hut is booked and whether there’s a minibus involved.

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Anca Curelea

Contact Anca for all matters financial, whether it be to do with monies you owe the Club or vice versa. Preferably monies you owe the club. Or perhaps you want to set up a charitable trust or donate a minibus?

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Welfare Officer:
Taj Hassan

As cavers, we take pride in making sure we all look after each other, and Taj is the official contact for all welfare-related matters. Taj is the person to speak to if you’d like some warm soothing words after a long day of caving…

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Other Officers of the Club:


Social Secretary:
Dan Allen

Contact Dan if you have any bright ideas on what you think the club should be doing in its spare (non-caving) time.

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Training Officer:
Christopher Holt

Christopher’s responsibilities include making sure people are well-versed in the Black Arts of Single Rope Technique. Contact him if you’ve forgotten which way round to screw your central maillon shut, or if you’ve heard of a cool new way of doing something you’d like to try.

And yes, Christopher really is in this photo – can you spot him?!
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Jo Meldner

Owner of the worst job in the club, Jo is guardian of the gear. Contact Jo if you need, have damaged or lost equipment, or have seen any equipment you feel may be a bit iffy.

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Patrick Hathway

Patrick is currently responsible for running this website – and is the one to contact if you want stuff on here, or wish to add any clarifications, remove errors, or complain about the latest set of outrageous photos that have somehow found their way onto the site…

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Biscuit Secretary:
John Perrens

And last but not least, a very important position! John’s role involves supplying everyone with vast amounts of biscuits – vital for the smooth running of the club, particularly after a long day’s caving.

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