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Thank you for your interest in the Reading University Caving Club! You’d be very welcome to become a member – whether or not you’re currently a student at the university, and regardless of your level of experience. We visit a huge variety of caves, suitable for all abilities. You don’t even necessarily need to be interested in going caving – we have quite a few ‘social cavers’ in our club, who enjoy all our other non-caving activities!

You’re also welcome to join at any time of year. We organise several caving trips in the Autumn term that are specifically tailored towards people who have never been caving before, however we can always accommodate new cavers on any other trip as well.

The easiest way to join is to meet us in person – whether at one of our regular Tuesday evening meet-ups at the Roebuck, or at the Freshers Fayre or Presentation, or at one of our social events. We can then talk you through the steps to take.

Alternatively, you can register your interest in becoming a member online:

  1. Fill in our Contact Form »
  2. Our president or secretary will then get back to you, and tell you what to do next. You will be asked to supply us with your contact details and agree to our Code of Contact.
  3. At some stage, you will also need to pay the membership fee (currently £10.15 for students, £12.15 for non-students). This can normally wait until your first trip, or until you first meet us.
  4. You’ll also need to supply us with your Sports Fed number. Sports Fed insurance can be purchased from the Student’s Union for £15.15, and is required for membership of any university sports club. You can buy this at the Fresher’s Fayre, or from The Hub at the Student’s Union. If all else fails, contact our president who will sort it out for you…
  5. Sign Up to Our Mailing List and Join Our Facebook Group to be kept informed of upcoming trips and other club events, and to interact with other members.

We look forwards to meeting you!

2 thoughts on “Join Our Club

  1. Ben Curtis

    I would like to join a caving club and happen to live not a million miles away from Reading. I’m 23 and not currently a student but am up for a laugh and would love to meet some people my own age who want to go caving as well.



    1. Christopher

      Sounds like you’re our kind of guy! Why don’t you come down to the College Arms on the first Monday of term? (That’s the 14th, this year.) I reckon about half our membership are non-students, and we’re always up for meeting new people.

      Make sure you’re on the mailing list too! That way if anything important changes you’ll know about it.

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