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Below are details of trips that RUCC are running, along with an outline of what you need to bring.

Upcoming Caving Trips and Events

See our calendar below containing details of our trips and other upcoming club events:

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Fri 24th Nov
to Sun 26th Nov
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THIS EVENT IS FOR RUCC to co-ordinate out trip to CHECC.

Frequently the best thing about caving is bumping into groups from other universities and sharing their fun. This event brings together all of the student caving clubs from across the country; let the madness commence!

The official-sounding name to this party is \"The Council of Higher Education Caving Clubs Forum\", but basically it's 300 students in a field and raging hard. Daytime activities usually consist of caving hungover, but there are also loads of training activities on the surface, such as surveying, cave photography and rescue technique. Hopefully most of our freshers will complete their training in Single Rope Technique and be ready to fight Darth Vader / visit one of Yorkshire's beautiful pothole caves.

There are lots of competitions throughout the event, including a scavenger hunt. The best prizes are usually for Best Novice Photo and best 'My first caving trip' write-up. There's a fancy-dress thing on the first night, with prizes for best individual costume and best group costume.

Anyway, hopefully we won't have the fire brigaade called out again, or get into trouble with the MoD, or our tents blow away... I mean, lightening doesn't strike twice, right?

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Fri 8th Dec
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Hello, beautiful people! 😀

In keeping with tradition, we'll be gracing Sweeney & Todd on the final night of term for an evening of festivities and top-notch pies!

For those of you unfamiliar with Sweeney's, it's become a firm favourite haunt of the club over the years, with a selection of pies for all tastes! Here's a sample of the excellent menu:

It would be wonderful to see you all for a chance to celebrate the start of the Christmas break!

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Fri 12th Jan
to Sun 14th Jan
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Our first trip of Spring term! Save the Date.
We'll be venturing to Derbyshire, with opportunities to try your hand at some SRT caves or to explore some local horizontal gems, including Giants Hole.

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Sat 27th Jan
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Hello, you wonderful people!

In planning for next term's socials, I felt we could revive an incredibly fun day-trip itinerary from last academic year, and don our facade of being cultured again for a Saturday exploring Oxford!

As a tentative plan, I'm thinking:

- Revisit a triumverate of cracking museums scattered across Oxford; the Ashmolean, the Natural History Museum, and the Pitt-Rivers Museum! The Ashmolean is a collection of historical art and artifacts from across geographical space and time, from the classical to the modern, whilst the Natural History Museum shows off the University's collection of prehistoric creatures and more recent critters, with the adjoining Pitt-Rivers Museum acting as a compact but atmospheric anthropological treasure trove, featuring tools, weapons, clothes and culture from all times and spectrums of human evolution and existence!

- And if museums aren't your thing? No fear! We'll also have a chance to explore the breathtaking city itself! With swathes of the beautiful University Of Oxford grounds open to visitors, and a plentiful scattering of niche pubs and cafes (including the historic Eagle And Child, famous drinking spot of CS Lewis and JRR Tolkein), it should be a wonderful opportunity to get to know Oxford in all its glory! 😀

We'll be able to travel to and from Oxford via the train -stay tuned for more information on ticket prices soon! (But genrally, it should be an affordable day out, with each of the museums offering FREE entry!)

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Fri 2nd Feb
to Sun 4th Feb
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Weekend trip staying at the BEC (Belfry)
Come along for some great caving, partying and general merriment!

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About Our Trips

If you want to go on any of the trips, please let our secretary or president know. We may charge a deposit or ask you to make a full upfront payment to confirm your place prior to our trips, as they can be very popular.

For day trips, we usually leave Reading in a minibus at approximately 8:30am and return in the evening at about 9pm. The day trip fee covers all transport, equipment, and any cave entrance fees.

For weekend trips, we usually leave Reading in a minibus at approximately 6:30pm on a Friday evening and return late on a Sunday, so it’s a pretty intensive weekend, but great fun. The weekend trip fee includes accommodation, travel, equipment, breakfast and Saturday dinner.

Trips will normally start at the Wessex Hall car park – see grid reference B7 on this Map [PDF file].

If you want to join us or have some questions, then please come to The Roebuck (see this Map) from 8pm any Tuesday night and sign up. To accompany us you need to have Club membership (£10 for students and £12 for non students) and Sports Federation insurance (prices from £15 per year).

What to Bring

For these trips please bring:

  • Old warm clothes (and dark underwear, so the girls tell us)
  • A Mars Bar (or equivalent)
  • A sleeping bag (to sleep in). Or perhaps wear as a sarong if things get really bad.
  • A towel (no comment)
  • Some money (for beers of course, and to pay for the trip – if you haven’t already!)
  • A torch! (vital for finding your way back from the pub – honest.)
  • Old trainers/hiking boots (as the area is likely to be muddy, although you will wear wellies for the cave itself)
  • Caving gear if you own any (we provide it if not), particularly wellies, oversuit, furry
  • If you have them – thermals, warm hat and gloves, and washing up gloves (to keep your hands dry in the cave)
  • A stupid hat! It’s important to blend in….
  • Last but not least, a sense of adventure, humour and a laissez faire attitude to the concept of personal hygiene!

We hope to see you there!

Caving Expeditions

Every year some of our more enthusiastic members go on caving expeditions further afield… In recent years, we’ve joined the Dachstein Caving Expedition in Austria each summer, and explored some of the deepest, most exciting, and least visited caves in the world. If you’d be interested in going on one of these expeditions or would like to know more, please get in touch with our committee, and we can provide you with all the details.

In previous years our club has travelled even further afield – travelling as far as Spain, Romania, Slovenia and China to see some truly spectacular caves! To read more about some of these expeditions, please see our old site

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