Reading University Caving Club


At the pub this Monday we saw an amazing display of electionitis when two individuals decided they fancied being our new Secretary and spent the evening pursuading our experienced members to nominate them!

Cave bod: Henry Patton
Proposed by: James Salmons
Seconded by: Jon Kitching

Cave bod: Oli Richards
Proposed by: Paul Fellows
Seconded by: James Bouchard

How will it all work? The election for this post will be on Monday 17 November 03 and will take place at our social in town – see ‘Diary’ for Info. After our meal, the cave bods (candidates) will have the floor to tell us briefly why they should be Secretary, candidates leave the room, election will be by majority, with each caving club member having one vote – all fun lighthearted stuff. For full info regarding election to committee, please see ‘Resources’ and view The Club Constitution.

The existing committee wish you both good luck!