Reading University Caving Club

South Wales January 2005.

Img_0023This weekend we:

– Learned how to play the digeridoo on a rainy Welsh hillside
– Were introduced to the ancient Welsh craft of saucepan divining
– Became more knowledgeable in the ways of the grape

And did some caving. Photographic evidence can be found here

As ever, if anyone wants decent copies let me know.

6 thoughts on “South Wales January 2005.

  1. The Man Who Lies

    Oh for goodness sake, look I know you’re students and everything but that is not the entrance to Agen Allwedd! It’s Top Entrance OFD! An RUCC t-shirt for me I think and resits in the summer for you… Nice to meet you all 🙂

  2. lisa

    I as just about to say the same – our club also appear to think that Aggy and OFD are right next to each other anyway judging Sundays minibus outings ! Anna and I did walk over to Aggy entrance on sunday, there was much more snow than your Aggy picture and Anna would probably like to mention that it was far too cold (I lost her wellies on route !). John, Tom and Martin had a swift trip to Maytime with a bit of ongoing digging by the sounds of it.
    Good to meet some of the SWCC crowd – look forward to spending more weekend there soon.

  3. Speleolabs Corrections Department.

    OK it’s a fair cop, this one was missed by our under staffed sub editing department. You people are so hard to please! Our only excuse is that the culprit was tired when compiling photos and traumatised by the entrance, having been stuck down Aggy once for 14 hours. He therefore subconsciously thinks of Aggy eveytime he sees a cave entrance. Rest assured that the staff member in question is now booked in for a programme of post regression therapy and has been made to stand in the corner of the hut with a tackle bag over his head for this misdemeanour. Normal service will be resumed.
    Actually there really is no excuse. Not only have I been down Aggy sorry OFD on numerous occasions it was me who took the photo of Mr Rummage’s legs protruding from the entrance that features so prominently in the banner at the top of the club website. But I still think all caves look the same.

  4. The Man Who Lies

    Cool – good site by the way. See you all again soon for my Advanced Class in Dowsing with Kitchen Utensils. We will be employing a more sensitive frying pan/cheese grater combination in order to locate the missing third floor of the SWCC hut…

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