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Hot Election Action Plus More!

NikkiIt’s a news orgy!

1) New Committee!

Congratulations to the new committee. Nikki was voted in and won the president’s post by a single vote (and I checked). Charlotte and Harriet took the other two posts hence RUCC IS AN ALL FEMALE CAVING COMMITTEE!  This may be a world first. In celebration I have taken the liberty of temporarily changing the design of the main page. Full profiles for the committee will be posted shortly.

2) A few photos of the AGM (or ‘testaments to togetherness’ as I prefer to term them) are available here.

3) Fantastic news from the Great RUCC Junkyard Sale! Sales are well above expectations. Check our sales and progress using our online crapometer here. Phase two starts next week. After a fierce round of bidding, our dear pound coin eventually sold for 96 pence. We will of course be selling this 96 pence again through ebay as we feel it would be an interesting experiment in the mechanics of online supply and demand.

4) There are plans afoot to attend the Irish Student Caving Seminar on 17-20th March. Contact John W if you are interested.

5) John K has today announced a ‘gear amnesty’. If you have old gear bring it on a Monday or let John know or otherwise he will find out that you have gear squirelled away and come round and beat you with sticks.

4 thoughts on “Hot Election Action Plus More!

  1. jimbo

    Can we expect some new Style Range Techniques from our all female committee? hmm more bad jokes will no doubt follow.

  2. RUCC Information Officer

    No. I was originally going to turn the site into a cross between Heat Magazine and Cosmopolitan but figured I’d get pummelled into oblivion on a Monday night if I did. I was under the impression that pink was the new black but having consulted various style manuals apparently it is now soo yesterday and black turns out to now be the new black, so it’s going back soon. Besides its hideous and offends my delicate design sensibilities.
    That said there will be a celebrity caving related feature coming soon…
    People – I also seem to remember that I may have ‘agreed’ to produce a ‘Duncan’s Grotto’ section of the website. There was a vote, I felt under pressure…. Anyone want to contribute?
    And why are you sitting indoors in Australia looking at RUCavers? Go outdoors and frolic young man…

  3. J

    I’m still at work, free internet so its much better than payin $5 an hour in some dingy internet cafe! How about restarting the female beach volleyball part of the club now that there are so many women about!

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