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Wales Photos. Oh Alright, Mendips…

WalesPhotos of last weekend’s trip are available here.

This weekend’s guest photographer: John W.

4 thoughts on “Wales Photos. Oh Alright, Mendips…

  1. Speleolabs Kwality Control Divison - No mistake too small

    Note from management: A full inquiry has now been held into this error. Five possible explanations for this uncharacteristic transgression were investigated:
    1) Staff were using the opportunity to celebrate the recent wedding of the Prince of Wales
    2) RU Cavers Proof Reading Department have recently been farmed out to external consultancy and now think that all places with sheep, caves, mud and hills are essentially interchangeable and everything else is mere detail
    3) RU Cavers staff were using this as an opportunity to see if anyone actually looks at the site and are pleased to see several corrective missives flood in from a range of global hemispheres within a matter hours
    4) RU Cavers staff were testing the water for a ‘Name That Hut’ competition and have now realised that there’s no point as J would win.
    5) It was a unmitigated balls up.
    After a thorough and independent investigation it turns out it’s number 5. Rest assured that the balls are now back down and the mistake has now been unmistaken. In my defence please bear in mind that I’m normally unsure as to where a caving weekend was even if I was there. In this case I am reliably informed that I wasn’t.

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