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Name Those Pants!

Badpants1Yes, it’s the competition you’ve all been waiting for – NAME THOSE PANTS!

Warning – Safe for work, but they may think you are a bit odd.

In other news, advanced warning – from summer onwards the club will need a new webmaster. If anyone’s interested, please have a chat with me.

16 thoughts on “Name Those Pants!

  1. widget

    urmmm.. i may, kinda, possibly recognise from somewhere one, no two, oh hang on.. three.. actttuallly i’ll be honest, it’s 4 😛 do i have to pay bail charges to get them back? In my defense the ripped ones were from balloon wrestling at CHECC!

  2. Speleolabs Disused Underwear Inventory Unit

    Four?! Please tell us not the special pink lady pants.
    So you’re the person who turned the hut into a one man pant graveyard? And made me spend a Sunday afternoon photographing your smalls? And how can ‘ripped from balloon wrestling’ be a noble or justifiable defence?
    Apparently there are more pants that have since been retrieved. Anything to add?
    Note to club – the tackle master does not condone or encourage the leaving of ones undergarments in club property, and would be grateful if you could all make sure you know where your pants are at all times.
    Damn, we owe you a mug. And that’s one mug, not four.

  3. widget

    Firstly i didn’t ask you to photograph them! and it’s in my defence because it wasn’t me who ripped them off, it was a crowd of rowdy half naked men in a tent in the middle of yorkshire at 1am.. even have video evidence 😛 lol, and no the pink ones aren’t mine – maybe try to trace them by smell?

  4. J

    So Paul does the fact that you are resigning from webmaster mean that you are finally FINALLY leaving the country 😉 on your trip abroad?

  5. caitlin

    Since we seem to be embarrassing as many people as possible – the pants that look like swimming shorts (i think thats what they are meant to be) belong to another john. Apparently they just “slipped out of my caving stuff on the way to the washing machine and i never saw them again”

  6. paul

    In which case how come they were retrieved from the big bag of cack keks along with the others?
    You seem to be implying that I roam around the house looking for underwear…. As I wish to nip this one in the bud I think that its all down to that mysterious universal force that dictates that any pair of unattended underpants will always find its way to the caving hut, to live out its last days in the company of similar such pants.

  7. caitlin

    well………actually considering john’s trustworthiness on the matter, I was implying that the poor pants never got further then then the minibus when they tragically fell from the bag and got left behind, sad and alone in a pile of mud. It was probably then that they decided to waddle over (or were drawn by the universal force) and join all the other sad and lonely pants in the big bag of Lost Pants.
    However, there is something quite catchy about the name Paul the Pant Hunter…..

  8. widget

    Regardless of who’s to blame it seems this has kicked up quite a storm in the world of RUcavers – i reckon we should start nailing them to the roof (y’know like they do with bank notes around the world in bars) along with all the other weird and wonderful findings, may i be the first to donate three pairs of boxers to the collection (one of them i wouldn’t mind back). Each pant will have its story to tell (believe you me ;), reckon it’ll add some character to the hut! (any ideas about distinguishing the smells though?)

  9. widget

    oh and when i say ‘distinguishing the smells’ i obviously meant extinguishing.. to try and tell people apart from the smell of their pants is .. well .. actually sounds like a new drinking game, but anyway i meant extinguishing

  10. paul

    yes, I like the idea of a pant shrine in the hut. But not the drinking game. I really don’t like to idea of the drinking game.
    And we really missed a trick when we were thinking up Xmas party themes. Bad Pants! Next year?
    I’ve also just realised that if you look on the site there’s a photo of John at CHECC in pre-rip state. Just before they were ripped off by a crowd of rowdy half naked men in a tent in Yorkshire at 1.00am. While balloon wrestling. I use his words…

  11. DUNCAN

    I’ve got an idea what to do with old military transport aircraft/bommber etc.
    Turn them in a nice home put them in a field cover the wings in turf so U can put goats sheep cows etc on them cover the jet engines in chicken wire and keep chickens in them.
    And turn the bomb bay doors into a cow lowering system and sheep dip system.

  12. paul

    Firstly how would you get the goats up on to the wings in the first place? Secondly why would the cows need lowering? Are they in there for essential maintenance? Thirdly, what’s all this got to do with pants?
    Nice to see that Name Your Pants has caught the imagination of the club. After all this time I think I’ve finally found your level. And no one’s owned up to the pink lady pants yet.

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