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Photos from the Rubix Cube Party

Yellow_and_greenPhotos from the Ribiks cube party are avalable here and for the first time you can comment on them

If it works well I’ll add it to all new photos and eventaually the old ones as well

3 thoughts on “Photos from the Rubix Cube Party

  1. Jon Widget

    Comments is a brill idea, I like it! Hopefully people will make good, fair use of it rather then using it just to slag people off and post embarassing comments about them 😉 Nice picture Andy by the way on committee page – plenty of room in the willy warmer you say..?

  2. Chocolate

    Yeah, comments bit’s a great idea John. Now, as Jon says we have to use the website more. Does anyone have pictures from the weekend? I’m upset I missed out on all the drunken lubricant antics!!!!!!

  3. Paul

    Hi all – just to say that the main page of the website is still administered through me. John K & I have access. If anyone else wants access (to post on to it) please email me at this address and it can be arranged.
    Currentl;y in the Kho San Road in Bangkok. It’s horrible!

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