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Name Those Pants – an Introduction

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They say that in war the first casualty is the truth. In the sport of caving, it’s always your pants.

We’ve all been in situations where your pants go ‘missing’, but usually you never get to see them again. However, if you’re a caver you actively hope to never see them again. Not any more.

As a service to Reading University Caving Club now hopes to reunite you with those smalls that you thought had gone for good. In a recent clear out of the hut we had to resort to employing special Underwear Decommisioning experts to very carefully go through the hut and render harmless all the unwanted keks that you thought you would never see again.

The thing is, we don’t know who the owners are. So we thought we’d run an exciting new competion – NAME THOSE PANTS! If your pants are shown below, own up in the comments below them, and be presented with a gift you’ll always remember!

Better still, identify someone else’s pants and earn eternal glory within the club, as well as the everlasting hatred of the unfortunate soul who owned them…

This service is brought to by Note that other caving clubs don’t offer this level of service (and believe me I’ve checked). In the future we also hope to expand to enable people to reclaim even more items that they wished they’d managed to hide better…

So without further ado (cue rustling of pants):

Shredded Pants

Shredded Pants image

Whose pants are these? Looks to me as if they have some life in them yet. Note the cutaway panels for extra ventilation. And what exactly happened down the cave to get them like this? We want to know!

Status: Claimed by Jon W. Apparently they were damaged “from balloon wrestling at CHECC”, by “a crowd of rowdy half naked men in a tent in the middle of yorkshire at 1am”. Don’t ask…