Reading University Caving Club


AGM Election Results and Caving Hoodies

As everyone’s probably aware, we now have a new committee! They were elected during the AGM on Monday, and are as follows:

President: Martyn
Secretary: Lucy
Treasurer: Ben Whetton
Tackle Master: Ben Wilson
Social Sec: Penny
Duncan (oh dear...!)
Permits and Access: Jo Hardy

The committee page will be updated shortly with these details; and some photos of the AGM should be appearing also…

Well done to all those who were elected, and good luck in your new roles! We’d all like to thank Andy for the effort he’s put in as our former president, and for everything he’s done for the club.


In other news, Jon W has kindly agreed to sort out caving hoodies for us! Send him all thoughts, ideas, possible slogans / designs etc by the end of this week, so we can vote on which we like best. This page might provide some inspiration! Click on the image on the left for a useful template to start that creativity flowing!

Finally, you can expect to see some more recent trip photos on this website, before I hand it over to Duncan next term…

Pub Golf!

Pubgolf3 The RUCC Social Secretariat are pleased to announce that the club will be holding the fifth inaugural pub golf event on Tuesday 16th October. Players will be requested to assemble in the College Arms at 7.00 p.m ready for teeing off. Second hole will no doubt be the Upin Arms at Cemetery Junction but after that your guess is as good as mine. If you are planning on being late (in which case your chances of winning are significantly handicapped) your best bet is to contact event commissioner and referee Andy K.

There really ought to be an award for silliest trousers or anyone caught in the rough.

In other news I have been alerted by outside contacts to more important YouTube footage of our esteemed leader. Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you the Mendip Formation Dancers:

Beer Fest

Yes its that time of year again. Time for the Reading Beer Festival, a chance for us to drink more than is good for our selves with the excuse of trying to taste all the beers, ciders and wines. I know normally we dont need an excuse but its good to have one now and again.

The plan is to meet this Thursday in the back of beyond at 4, its is because some people want to get there when as soon as it opens. I’m not going to say who wants to go so early but you know who you are, don’t you Jack and Jon. If you can’t make it that early don’t worry you can meet people in there when you arrive., and I’m sure you won’t be the only one who misses the 4 o’clock start.

More information can be found here, and directions can be found here, though they are not the best.

See you there

Go Ape

The last post… pictures of today’s ‘Go Ape’ are here. Bark!

Otherwise it was pointed out today that our forum is currently the least forumesque of any fora anywhere. I therefore commend it to you as an exceptionally forumatic way of keeping in touch over the summer.

Tomorrow is the last Monday in the pub of the year (the Monday, not the pub), and last chance (ish) to see Henry P, Jenn, John W and myself as we are due to depart to pastures new.

That Was The Year That Was

PartyAs a way of rounding off the year John and Paul invite all RUCC members to an evening soiree round at their place.

The event is due to take place on Thursday 22nd at 7.30-8.00 ish, and has been themed (for reasons now lost at the bottom of a glass) as ‘Cigars and Candyfloss’. So bring some lungs. A barbecue has also been threatened.

Hope to see you all there – this is the last get together for the year (erm, apart from Go Ape on Sunday) and will mark the depature of both Jenn and Paul.

If you need directions to our house please let me/John know.

Event Of The Year!


Don’t forget, next Monday its your chance to shape the future of the club. It’s ELECTION TIME.

Who will lead us forward into next year? Who will organise your trips? Who will take your money, organise your fun and look after your kit? 8.00pm, Sweeneys, next Monday. Be there. Be involved. Be a voting.