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All Change…


New year, new committee… Congratulations to one and all.

A wealth of updates. Firstly we now have new photos posted from election night and the last Yorkshire trip – see here. Includes pictures from Bar Risa. Sorry.

Secondly, to your left we have a new page showing the new RUCC commitee, here.

Thirdly, Kent & Cardiff university clubs (OK Tom, stop nagging) are now in the links.

Fourth, there’s a new page covering expeditions which at the moment doesn’t have much on it, except for a link to Brian’s site. However, more (past and future) will be on there soon.

Fifth, there’s a new archive page, which again which is incomplete but will have content soon, including a soon-to-be exciting new competition, ‘Name That Committee’.

In the meantime as part of the archive page we have gone through the digital archives and dredged up ‘Speleostuff Magazine’ from a few years ago (1999/2000) which shows the genesis of this site (and the origins of Speleolabs). As well as a fine picture of John Mzzzz. Well worth a visit if you are in the mood for a ‘reminisci-package’ or are a connoisseur of bad web design. Or want a picture of Andy Rumming dressed as Austin Powers. Please revisit the archive page as things get like, archived. Over to you, Badger John…

Speaking of which, thanks to John for this exciting badger post (broadband a good idea for full on badger/mushroom action).

2 thoughts on “All Change…

  1. badger

    I love the pics, first we got trashed in Risa, then we went to The Sun to sobre up, played some bar billiards, then elected the committee, then needed some food – had some pies at Sweeneys, then drove all they way to Yorkshire to hang off some ropes. J even made a guest appearance at the Inglesport climbing wall, despite being in the the tackle hut at Reading! See you all next time on ‘Backwards Monday Wkd’

  2. Speleolabs Consultant Award Committee

    J – you e-mailed to ask if you could have a Golden Welly Award for being sick in TSG. The answer is ‘no’.

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