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Summer caving in yorkshire?

There has been an idea floating about that we should try and get up to Yorkshire sometime during the summer. Please comment/reply to this post with your preferred dates and any opinions.

7 thoughts on “Summer caving in yorkshire?

  1. J

    Yes, I’m up for it, a week would be good. There are rumours that it could be combined with Hidden Earth, personally I’m up for more caving and just going to the stomp on the Saturday night. Also HE is a long way off and I want to go caving before then!
    We could do a week in sunny August and then a few days combined with HE (2/3 Oct)
    Tar, J

  2. Henry Patton

    Bear in mind that freshers fair is on the wednesday before HE (29th Sept), and the fresher’s slideshow is on the 4th Oct. We’ll need as large a turnout for both!

  3. JoAnna of the 'Tribe

    I’m all for it except for one thing: I live in Arizona in the U.S. I just wanted to say, “Hello!” I used to do a bit of spelunking in Georgia and here in Arizona. I haven’t done any in a while and I miss it. There are few words that can describe the experience of discovering a chamber of 8 ft long soda straws or a “garden” of gypsum “flowers” aka helictites. Enjoy your outings!

  4. J

    yes they are so close that it would not imho be worth going to HE with doing some caving up there. As long as we have people around for Wed 29 Sep and Monday 4 Oct otherwise we will screw ourselves over with no freshers!
    Is anyone up for a trip before then?
    Tom, Andy do you have dates when are you free/not free yet? When is Dachstein?

  5. Tom Foord

    I’m in Austria from 17th July til 6th August (I think!).
    Unfortunately I’ve pretty much used up all my leave now, so I would struggle to make it to Yorks for any more than a long weekend.
    Who’s up for an exped to Arizona next year? 😀

  6. J

    Arizona all the way! Well seriously on the exped front, I will keep in touch with Mario from Lisbon. His friends from Portugal may be interested in coming over here to join us sometime this summer, we should show them some good vertical caves rather than the Eagles Head grotto we went to in Wales.
    We could do August BH 28-30th? maybe extending to Sept 1st/2nd? Also we could investigate potential of caving in Portugal in future yrs!

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