Reading University Caving Club

Ideas Just In…


Following a recent minibus summit and some serious strokey beard action we are now able to present the latest potential hooded top designs here. If there’s anything you particularly like, or have another idea/reason not to go caving please leave a comment on this site. Alternatively please join in the heated debate in the pub (which I’m not at tomorrow).

2 thoughts on “Ideas Just In…

  1. Oli

    It has to be the deep down and dirty and reasons for and against caving combo! Legendary. Do you think we could get the irish hill walker in there somewhere too?? Maybe its all getting abit crowded

  2. J

    Yeah some of the quotes are wicked, it would be good to get more than one in there.
    Especially like the 1 in 30,000 one and the fifty reasons and the RU Cavrs 2?
    Surely you should miss out the “e” – just to save that extra character 😉
    And isn’t one of the key reasons to join “Dating agency with excellent marriage prospects?” If not, please can I have a refund on 3 years membership…

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